Store owned and operated by a local graphic designer, selling custom t-shirts, hats, books, postcards and custom graphic design services.

This November and December all items in the store will be discounted 20 percent.

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  • NamePsycho Graphics
  • AddressWenlin Jie, Tianjundian Xiang, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 6646160
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Psycho Graphics • Wenlin Jie, Tianjundian Xiang

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Best place in town for a number of things to put on your wall, wear, or draw. In addition to homemade clothing and poster designs, can also help you embroider T-shirts, hoodies, totebags, as well as posters and hats. Home to high quality water pipes and rolling papers as well. Best off, you can come by any afternoon to kick the Jianzi (chinese shuttlecock) and just chill. The owner also happens to be good conversation whether in English or Chinese, he's pretty flexible for speaking both.


superfriendly owner and cheap rolling papers... lots of random cool dongxi as well