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Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN router in Kunming?

Thanks!! I've resolved the issue by taking my SIM card out. It was easier than I thought.Sorry for bothering you guys. Hope everyone is happy outside smelling the coffee!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN router in Kunming?

Dear all, I have a question for the community. Yesterday I wiped my phone to the factory settings because it was unbearably slow. But it is now booting in a Samsung - Google environment which seems to be blocked over here.That means I'm stuck in an endless loop of "Checking network connection... This can take up to 2 minutes..." I guess the only way around this is a WIFI signal that has a VPN activated over it. Does anyone around here know of a place where I could go and connect quickly to get through this initial stages of setting up the phone and equipping it with a VPN? Thanks in advance!


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Great article indeed. It is always the first thing I try to communicate to our guests when they arrive in Yunnan. The depth of the historic relevance of the Tea Horse Road is unmatched. Funny that the mainstream tourism industry decided to use it as an umbrella and then promptly started to simplify it as some sort of static movement in which you can almost imagine a single caravan hauling their tea straight to Lhasa, and bringing back horses, unregarding during which season. Not only the actual movement but also the influence is so much underestimated and not given the attention it deserves. Your article makes my legs itch to pack up some mules and GO!

Really interesting, I'm really fascinated by the life and achievements of Forrest!

Brendan, is there a lot of info on his life in the coffee table book? I'd LOVE to read it but can't get it anywhere, seems like an expensive collector's item.

Peter, that is so interesting that you actually tried to locate his grave! Wow. I can't find the story on the Geographical Society Bulletin, do you have a link or website? Thanks!

I helped out covering some big bullfights over Torch Festival in Luliang for the Wall Street Journal. Very similar experience. Thanks Jim for all the extra background on all the fascinating minority dresses and garments.[...]

Great article, thank you, Gokunming! I will definitely check out this hotel when I get to town next time.

And yes, at a time when half the province was high on opium, and Kunming was a huge market for this specific good, which came from the west, it is funny to think that the richest family was actually exporting a milk-papaya snack along that same route. Maybe it was milk of the poppy? :-)



This place is without doubt my favorite restaurant in Kunming. It is truly Simao-style, but adds its own unique touch. The ingredients vary per week and the ingredients are all carefully sourced in specific markets or brought straight from the mountains. Their wild vegetables are always sweeter than other places in Kunming. There are plaques on the wall that say: "we don't feel the need to enhance the flavor with weijing or jijing, we do our best to source the best natural foods for you". You will not see any grease after finishing the plate, not even with the deep fried dishes. They are very flexible with ordering combinations and the super-friendly owner-chef will be happy to step out of the kitchen and give you some great advice. If he has time, because this place is crowded on most evenings. Service is friendly and attentive (but it is still Kunming). You get free home-made kimchi and apple vinegar with all meals. They have cold Fenghuaxueyue beer. Without doubt a safe Chinese eatery, really delicious food, friendly people who are passionate about their product. A true gem, in my opinion.


I heard Richland Hospital has proper testing material.

I think the medical staff is of the same level as other Kunming healthcare facilities. I needed to translate some specifics of a medical report I got in another specialized hospital. I wanted to do this by letting the Richland doctor have a phone call with the specialized doctor that had done the tests. I came in and there sat a young physician with a translating nurse. When the phone call to the other hospital wasn't successful he wanted to have look at the report himself. I asked if that would make sense if he wasn't a doctor that was specialized in that specific field. He told me he wanted to have a look anyway. To my horror, he promptly misdiagnosed me with a truly appalling disease. When I came home I was puzzled. I didn't have any symptoms, how could I have something that serious. I checked the internet and found out that the condition that he described DIDN'T EVEN EXIST. Well, I have to give him, he had me stressing out there for a minute. I wanted to confront him with his mistake but apparently all the doctors had taken the weekend off. Eventually, in combination with my visit to the other state run facility, I was in constant uncertainty and stress over the period of 4 days for something that turned to be NOTHING. I had NOTHING.

Please use the highest level of common sense in dealing with local healthcare. The situation is grim. Best to let them test (if the facilities are ok) and make conclusions and decisions by yourself, if serious ask a physician in another country. Never blindly trust anything they say.


Really friendly people, very tasty proper Indian food, all made with fresh ingredients and very reasonably priced.

For sure the best Indian food in town!