Simao flavor, "no Weijing" and "safe cooking oil"

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  • NameHanshe Simao Restaurant
  • Address3-12 Yunbo Wushe Xincun, Lijingyuan Dong Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 66169681
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Hanshe Simao Restaurant • 3-12 Yunbo Wushe Xincun, Lijingyuan Dong Lu

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This place is without doubt my favorite restaurant in Kunming. It is truly Simao-style, but adds its own unique touch. The ingredients vary per week and the ingredients are all carefully sourced in specific markets or brought straight from the mountains. Their wild vegetables are always sweeter than other places in Kunming. There are plaques on the wall that say: "we don't feel the need to enhance the flavor with weijing or jijing, we do our best to source the best natural foods for you". You will not see any grease after finishing the plate, not even with the deep fried dishes. They are very flexible with ordering combinations and the super-friendly owner-chef will be happy to step out of the kitchen and give you some great advice. If he has time, because this place is crowded on most evenings. Service is friendly and attentive (but it is still Kunming). You get free home-made kimchi and apple vinegar with all meals. They have cold Fenghuaxueyue beer. Without doubt a safe Chinese eatery, really delicious food, friendly people who are passionate about their product. A true gem, in my opinion.