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JJ and Janice (324 posts) • 0

Here is our experience with Airport Bus:

Took Bus #3 fm Fortune Center across from KFC. Was mid-afternoon and took 40 minutes to airport at fee of RMB25.

Phoned Bus Hotline (711-5052) to inquire about return since we would be arriving back in Kunming about midnight. Were informed that bus would run until 3 am (0300)

Returned last night (Wed) at11.50 pm (2350). Went outside Airport Exit#3 - - went to ticket booth - - bought ticket to Fortune Center. Got on bus and driver said did not stop at Fortune Center this late. At first stop in town (hotel) - - we got off bus since next stop was old airport - - then took taxi to Fortune Center.

Had we known bus would not go to Fortune Center at that time of night, we would have taken taxi direct fm airport.

Oh Well - - I think they will get things worked out as go along.

Need to post bus schedule at ticket booth in Chinese and English - - especially departure times and stops.

Geezer (1934 posts) • 0

Thanks JJ. I have been frustrated in my attempts to find an express bus stop in our area (I live on BJ lu near Richland). Sometimes Chinese have answers before they listen and understand the question. Mostly I was told to go to 小西门 to catch the airport bus.

Welcome home Brother.

maya88 (6 posts) • 0

Where exactly to get on the airport bus in Beichen? And where to buy a ticket?
"Across from KFC" doesn't sound like a very accurate directions. Thanks!

maya88 (6 posts) • 0


"Across from KFC" airport bus stop is on Beichen Dadao not on Beijing Lu, like Baidu says. It stops at regular bus stop Beichen Dadao, there are no marks about that. But probably you will see some people with the suitcase. You can get a ticket on the bus.

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