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Forums > Living in Kunming > Has 国家记忆 (the TV film series) been broadcast yet?

During the winter of 2011/12 a TV film series was shot in Dali and in Ruili. Many westerners were hired to act as American soldiers. It was about the gallantry of Chinese soldiers fighting the Japanese in Burma in WW2. Any news on what has become of the project? Has anyone seen it on CCTV?

Forums > Study > Teaching English in universities

I taught at Qujing Normai University three years ago when they employed six native speakers, but last I knew they had cut back to just one. I was also offered posts at Honghe and Zhaotong Normal universities, but maybe they have cut back as well. Your friend could always try a high school, They are not private, they are state run. There are probably more posts available in that sector than in the public university sector.
By the way, I take it you mean teacher, rather than lecturer.


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