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Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet Cafe that accept foreigns

I had this problem in Baoshan, but solved it through buying a map to track down the police station. Having arrived there, I explained my predicament, and the nice policeman made a phone call, then gave me the address of an Internet bar I could use. Presumably he'd told the boss "This foreigner wants to go on line, let him!" Couldn't have got that result without Chinese expertise mind.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to get western medecine?

Can anyone tell me where to go to get Arcoxia tablets (also known as ETORICOXIB) or Voltarol tablets (aka DICLOFLEX / Diclofenac Sodium).
None of the pharmacies I've tried know what these two medecines are, neither did a hospital I tried (they are to alleviate pain in the joints).

Forums > Travel Yunnan > who can recommend a hotel in jingyong?

I really liked the room I stayed in last month in Jinghong. I think the hotel was called the Yu Xiang, maybe the Xiang Yu. It was next to one of those cafes mentioned in the Lonely Planet, the 'Mei' something(?), on Manting Lu.
Cost a lot less than RMB200 mind.


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