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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming compared with Dali ?

Purely in terms of the pursuit of leisure and pleasure how do Kunming and Dali compare?
I ask because after spending the month of February in Kunming I have the option of spending March in Dali and beyond.

Forums > Living in Kunming > apartment or house to rent

I will be needing accommodation in Kunming early in 2009. I am looking at a three month stint from January through to April. I speak Mandarin, read Chinese, teach English play guitar and chess, and am a Londoner (Barnet). Any offers/suggestions/leads appreciated.
Chris Gongsun
2009 念初要住在昆明需要找到房间希望有人能帮助我我会普通话念懂中文教英文弹吉它唱英与汉哥以及打国际象棋名字叫公孙海英文名字叫克里斯是从伦敦来的

Forums > Living in Kunming > Temporary work in Kunming?

I am contemplating an eight week visit to Kunming from mid-October to mid-December to see if it's a nice enough place to live for an extended period next year. I have a masters degree in Chinese and several years experience as an English teacher. Is it easy enough to find temporary part-time teaching work paying around RMB125 a class?
Any leads/offers?


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