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sinophile (1 post) • 0

has anyone heard of a company called china study abroad? i would like to come study in kunming this year and i wanted to make sure that these guys check out. i've heard there are plenty scams when it comes to studying mandarin in china so i just wanted to be sure. thanks! :)

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I've never heard of the company, but their prices seem a bit outrageous. Just quickly looking on their website the lowest i could get for Kunming was about $4,8000 per semester. Must be some pretty good insurance and "guided tours" I guess. If you're not rich then I would contact the schools directly.

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

err, that was $4,800 per semester. By comparison I live alone in a modern single bedroom apartment, and basic living costs plus tuition is well under $2,000 a semester. If I always cooked at home then it probably wouldn't be much over $1,000. If you were to live in a shared apartment/dorm that they listed as $4,800 a semester then tuition plus rent would be less than $1,000 per semester.

ken-the-mong (2 posts) • 0

never heard about them also, even i already tried a lot of schools in kunming since i'm leaving here quite a lot of years. my best experience was with a school (can find them on skype study-foreign-language) hold by chinese and foreigners (not only chinese and that's a problem because you will never or very very very rarely get correct services by chinese,they just have difficulties to understand what is service),this school can arrange almost everything for you in kunming. my teacher was also very good, good experience, great professionalism
and the tuition fee and other fee will not be so much like what i can read above, their pricing is much more reasonnable

there are a bunch of schools to learn mandarin in kunming, but you should be careful because yes there are some problems with some of them. you can contact me by email if you want more information kobbay@ymail.com

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

for that much money - why not consider some of the more mainline schools such as Yunnan National University (Yunda) or the science and tech uni? you can also eat at the student's cafeteria - food is the same every day so it can get boring - but it's a balanced diet for about ¥10-20 per day (depending upon your appetite). There's also a Confucious Institute (I think) which also teaches Chinese as part of a cultural exchange program.

Stephenkm (13 posts) • 0

so, Yunnan University got a new name? I didn't notice that yet, though I am a local...
$4,800...ridiculous, lots of people here can only earn $400 per month, I think the company charges a lot on their service. I work for an agency which send students abroad, my advice is that you contact the school directly. living here is quite cheap even if you need to rent a department: )

sabrinajoy (1 post) • 0

Hi sinophile, CSA definitely checks out since I used them this spring when I studied in Kunming. When you go through them you can choose either Yunnan U. or the U. of Science and Technology. If you're an American, like me, their prices are relatively cheap as far as study abroad agencies go, but once I got to Kunming I realized a huge percent of the cost goes directly to the company. You could go directly through the school for much cheaper, but with little to no experience with the language, that could be really difficult and frustrating to do (I had a hard enough time with a translator). They also came in handy for setting me up with an apartment before I got there. Let me know if you have any questions about it! You can also email me at sabrina.hammond@maine.edu .

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