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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

22Yossarian (16 posts) • 0

They should just buy Western vaccines.

Omicron makes COVID 0 an impossible target, it is just too transmissible. China, after an initial failure in Wuhan did a remarkable job of containing COVID. But, Omicron isn’t containable.

The Western vaccines are better at preventing death and hospitalization with the variants than Sinovac.

The current COVID policy just isn’t workable and has no end.

michael2015 (773 posts) • +1

For the record, the USA recently reported over 900k COVID related deaths, based on a net population of approximately 300 million.

The global cumulative death rate is currently over 6 million.

China's cumulative death count is still hovering around 4.6k, based a net population of approximately 1.3-1.4 billion.

When COVID first surfaced it was pandemic - but the world responded and managed to somewhat contain the pandemic using standard control practices - quarantines and testing until vaccines could be developed.

As with most viruses - COVID was expected to mutate which it has several times.

AIDS and other STDs were also pandemic but were eventually brought under control after years of studies.

Not sure where 22Yossarian is getting his data from - China's end results are inarguable - it's efforts are working - maybe not the magic bullet that we all see on fictitious Hollywood - but the scientific and patient methodical approach works. Disparaging China's vaccines is ingenuous at best, based on the combined successes of mass vaccinations, quarantines, and testing. As to why the USA's CDC couldn't respond appropriately is anyone's guess.

There is no quick fix to a rapidly mutating virus - the best we can do short term is develop vaccines to try to minimize the spread and severity of the virus until it burns itself out. It's sort of a hybrid herd mentality - like a controlled forest burn.

The USA attempted to politicize science - that rarely works well, while spending an inordinate amount of time and resources finger-pointing - which doesn't resolve the issue. China had emerged from several massive pandemic situations - SARS, swine flu's etc and aside from a few speed bumps from corrupt officials - quickly went into high gear and engaged the pandemic head on.

AIDs was rampant and pandemic in the USA and the rest of the world - but it was never called the American STD. It was eventually blamed on some monkeys in Africa...after countless years of searching for an answer that could satisfy a politicized narrative...last time I bothered to check the narrative.

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