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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

Gorden Chan (11 posts) • 0

My code turned yellow 3 days ago, after i had 2 times test in 48 hours, it turned green.. I lived close to wan hong rd...even ride throught there , made my code yellow

fabey (67 posts) • 0

The Kunming City asterisk symbol on our green up arrow movement app has now been removed, so I'd assume transportation should be less problematic.

fabey (67 posts) • 0

City center pedestrian street Zheng Yi alley areas and shopping centers have been sealed off this morning. Quarantine buses are here. Mass testing rebooted nearby. Perhaps best to avoid this part of the city today.

fabey (67 posts) • 0

Unfortunately yesterday we had an unvaccinated, Cantonese Shanghai runner playing hooky in Kunming. A confirmed (positive tested) case who escaped their city-wide lockdown with a red health code. Deliberately concealed the red with a green screenshot, displaying it at various checkpoints.

The person had the audacity to sightsee said pedestrian street at Bolian shopping center and hung out at a bar in Zhengyi Old Street, among other places.

For the sake of Kunming, lets hope this fallout is contained quickly.

fabey (67 posts) • 0

Although national ~89% vaccination rate is relatively high, full vaccinations for Chinese elders (>65 years) probably need to be ramped up for softer landing. Likewise, boosters among elders are low.

Regarding incoming travelers, negative nucleic acid test results now need to be presented for flight arrivals to Kunming. Mandatory quarantine for medium to high risk areas.

CindyLi (36 posts) • 0

You ought to write a letter to Dr. Zhong Nanshan. Address to him your epidemiological public policy concerns. Or submit your theories to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCPI) and the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention (NBCP) regarding big pharma opportunism at the expense of the economy. Good luck! :)

The man from Shanghai (originally HK) visited multiple districts in Kunming from noon to late Tuesday evening. A whirlwind sightseeing spree as the top patron gifter to a female livestreamer based in Kunming. The winner of the "contest" allegedly borrowed the minor celebrity's green health code (or used old screenshots) to hide his own red health code in attempt to conceal his positive test result. He spent thousands if not tens of thousands (rmb) on her to pass off the opportunity to rendezvous with her, who by the way, is currently besieged by animus netizens.

Besides the beaten path of the pedestrian street, they sat at various high foot traffic places across Kunming. From dinning at congested Nanqiang Street, spending his meet & greet window at indoor establishments such as Starbucks, to Maan Coffee at Park 1903 in Xishan District.

If a vigilant baoan hadn't discovered his fake health code screenshot, the silent seeding provocateur would've continued his knowing rampage.

Those who crossed paths with them may have already received SMS notices for testing.

livinginchina (187 posts) • 0

I leave that to you. You have been selected. Anyway, people are burnt out from all this testing. The people who should be checking the 'health check status' are tired (保安服务员司机等等). For the pay that they get and the pressures they get from their bosses and customers, many are just not on top of their game. Among hundreds of coming in and out of places, it's a losing battle. Look at Shanghai as an example. Look at Hong Kong. Let's see how long they can keep this 'wack-a-mole' up.

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