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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

CindyLi (36 posts) • 0

livinginchina, stop meandering around town these couple of days... unless you want to get that message too. lol

It would be wise to hunker down at home to avoid potential throat swabs.

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Well, I got the first negative test at a testing station 2 days ago. But today when I went to the same place for second test, I was told that they only test those with yellow codes.

CindyLi (36 posts) • 0

You may want to double check with a different white hazmat employee or try another testing center. Mine health code is green yet SMS specifically stated to test twice in three days, or else the green may turn yellow. It's your final day?

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

I believe I have until tomorrow to get the second test, if one is possible to get. If not, and I turn yellow because of it, well TIC.

fabey (91 posts) • 0

It is my understanding locals who receive SMS notices, their health codes would turn yellow the following day. Perhaps the system functions differently for foreigners. It explains why the green vaccination shield logos don't pop up automatically like the rest.

Maybe JanJal needs to explain this to the testing staff. Probably not everyone is up to speed on the discrepancy for the minority exceptions.

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Anything is possible. Anyway I went again with wife after 17 yesterday, and checked again this morning after 8, and all the neighborhood testing stations were closed both times.

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Yes, got it done now. Apparently the problem (at least today) was that the staff working at the entrance didn't know that foreigners can get tested there too. Today one of the ladies tried to call her superiors to confirm, but nobody answered and finally they just let me go.

Yesterday they were probably just not bothered to go through the hassle and said what they could - "No", "Yellow".

fabey (91 posts) • +2

Glad you saw it through. The second test needs to be done after 24 hours from the first one, so you're good.

From my understanding, most locals queued up for the swab not because they donned a yellow code, but b/c of the SMS notices.

The person who turned you away yesterday was misinformed, despite his/her good intentions.

The lack of synchronicity is commonplace in bureaucracy here. So make a habit of double or triple checking on the scene to spare the hassle of being led astray and expending more time/energy than necessary.

Fingers crossed.

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