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China Police Clearance - Help

Jedermann (3 posts) • 0

Hello everybody,

maybe one of you can help me or point me to someone that can. I am currently in the process of obtaining my US-Greencard.
Unfortunaly at the Embassy they werent thrilled with me not having my China Police Clearance.

Prior to my appointment with them, i called the Police Station where (I think at least) registered when i lived in Kunming from August 2014 to June 2015. They told me, that I would have to be there in Person and that they wont give me that in writing.

I tried to hire some Agencies but i havent gotten an reply or anything in a week.

Does anyone here have experience with obtaing a Police Clearance from Kunming or knows a Lawyer or someone with experience in Kunming? It would be a big help, the last 2 weeks scrambling to obain it have been exhausting :o

Thank you to everyone that read this.



rejected_goods (349 posts) • 0

if you are living in kunming, it is easy, you have to go in person to a international recognised notary office which would submit a police clearance request on your behalf, if done properly, you would have a certificate in chinese plus a translation in english. i had done that in Shenzhen, shanghai, beijing, Guilin and Kunming, the procedure was the same in those cities. :-)

Jedermann (3 posts) • 0

Thank you for your reply. I should have mentioned, that i am currently living in Germany :P Could you give me the name of the notary office you used for Kunming? Would help me a lot! Thank you

rejected_goods (349 posts) • 0

the one i used to get a "no criminal record certificate" in person a year earlier in Kunming was Yunnan Kunming Guozheng Notary Public Office, its address, 20 Renmin Middle Road. you might have to search on the web and see if they have a email contact. good luck, Jedermann. :-)

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

In the evident case that you are unable to come to China to do it yourself, what you may ATTEMPT is to write a document called "power of attorney" that authorizes a named person to act on your behalf to visit the notary office in Kunming and get things moving there.

I expect that not all entities in China recognize such method, but for example during company registrations in China it is a known procedure for local operators (lawyers etc) to handle matters of their clients like this - the term (at least Chinese version) is understood.

That of course assumes that you have a contact you trust here.

Furthermore, for the said document to have any use in China, you would have to go through the multi-step procedure to get it legalized in Germany - from your local notary office to the German foreign ministry (or equivalent) and finally the/a Chinese consulate in Germany. Stamped/signed in every place.

It may be ideal to write the original document in both English and Chinese.

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

Here's the place
This is where we had our documents translated and notarized. There's about 4 floors in this old building. I believe we went to the 3rd. floor.

Jedermann (3 posts) • 0

Thanks to everyone, im trying to get this sorted out with the Tips/adresses given. This whole thing is driving me nuts:D

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