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Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

kmting (29 posts) • 0

Anyone know which hospitals do oral, rather than nasal covid tests? Seems 红会医院 were told to ram it deep. Very painful. Would rather avoid that in the nose next time.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

Before you go with oral check the requirements of your destination.

Some places require the nasty nasal swab.

fabey (61 posts) • 0

Yunnan tourist cities are "recommending" covid testing for arriving labour day weekend travellers. Not enforced, but a pro forma suggestion. Though testing requirements for vacationers returning to Kunming is somewhat opaque.

Those with an asterisk on their movement tracking app/mini program (通信行程卡) are to be quarantined upon arrival.

Kunming government has issued recommendation for KM residents to stay within Kunming during the break. Again, a "建议" plea to the masses which is unenforced.

fabey (61 posts) • 0

Labour Day travelers returning to Kunming from other Yunnan cities weren't asked to present their nucleic acid test results thus far, despite previous public notices requiring said test.

Perhaps the announcement was wielded as a discouragement stick to limit peak traveling rather than actual implementation.

From eye test, it worked.

livinginchina (168 posts) • +1

Today and tomorrow (4-9/4-10) They are giving booster shots. Just a reminder if you haven't had yours yet. Finally got mine today.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

I had a test done yesterday at Yan'an hospital as a pre-admission requirement.

My wife came with me as she also needed to be tested.

We did notice some differences, both between us and between the tests done in March.

In the emergency department last month I was given a throat swab, while my wife went through the line outside and got the wonderful nasal swab.

This time we both tested outside.

The process started by going to a machine in the lobby to "register" and get a receipt.

No problem, although my wife was using her Chinese ID while I used the hospital patient card.

We both got throat swabs outside!

I don't know why they changed.

Picking up the reports hours later was a job done by my wife since she can read Chinese and those machines inside don't have a language option.

No problem getting her own report by just flashing her Chinese ID on the machine, but my patient card was a different matter.

Most of the machines are now older versions and only two of them will produce a report using the patient card.

Seems a bit out of date.

Reports were Chinese only.
Foreigners were asked for passports in addition to the patient card.

fabey (61 posts) • 0

A friendly reminder for future reference. In the case where physical paper reports aren't necessary, nucelic acid test results usually appear just below the health code (in both English and Chinese depending on language settings) half a day after testing. Results would normally display in the afternoon if tested in the morning, and at night if tested in the afternoon. Scrolling down (located in the bottom left) may be required if test result isn't immediately shown below green bar code. Multiple test result history could also be viewed when clicked. All the info are bound to your health code identity, and synced with the central database of the NHC. True for both Alipay and WeChat hosted health codes.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

@Fabey - no.

My WeChat does not recognize my new passport number so no nucleic acid results are shown, but it does give me the green health code.

Alipay doesn’t even show me an option to display the codes. The green health code is still displayed as a single line of text

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