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Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

Xiefei (532 posts) • 0

I found it. It's not an outbreak. There was a shipment of car parts from Beijing suspected of contamination. COVID was detected at a workplace in Dali. A bunch of people have been tested, and several quarantined, but so far no one has tested positive.

Source is the official Dali Weibo:

tigertigerathome (117 posts) • +1

Went to Kunhua hospital for the Covid19 test this morning about 1030am. The queues were horrendous. Went shopping instead.
Returned for the test this afternoon. No queue at all, we went straight in, less than 2 minutes later it we were all done. Afternoon testing from 2-5, results collection after 8pm the same evening.

Collection at Kunhua - Print out from a customer computer terminal yourself. When you register you get a swipe card. This goes into any one of the hospital many customer self serve terminals. You use these terminals to book appointments, pay for consults, treatment, and drugs, etc. The terminals will also print out your test results on A4 paper, these reports are bar coded.

In short, forget the am test, go for the pm test and you still get your results the same day.

AlPage48 (1244 posts) • 0

Thanks tigertiger.
Two questions:

1. Is the report bilingual?

I'll need it on arrival in Canada.
2. My airline friend reminded me to be sure the passport number was included on the report.

Was it?

If not, write it on the top.

AlPage48 (1244 posts) • 0

@tigertiger - I may have discovered why the hospital was so busy for covid tests.

My wife was at Yan'an hospital yesterday for an appointment.

They're requiring everyone entering the hospital as a patient or visitor to have a test.

She said the line was huge. I can't see just one hospital doing this in isolation.

tigertigerathome (117 posts) • 0

@AlPage, the certificate from Kunhua was not bilingual, nor did it have my passport number, just my name. Interestgly enough, my wife did say that our test results have been added to our green health code app on the phones.

In our initial search we did phone the Yunnan International Travel Hygiene Healthcare Centre 云南国际旅行卫生保健中心 (where they do the visa medicals)[...] . They do Covid19 tests as well, and may be able to provide the format for international travel. It might be worth you giving them a call.

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