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Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

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@duke You can't get vaccinated in Cali either. The process is crap as appointments + ID + proof of residence required (utility bill). Getting an appointment is like a lottery. In my county, there are four locations doing 60 jabs an hour, and a week's worth of appointments are booked in less than an hour. Then there are side effects to the vaccine. I suffered for 10 days but some folks have no problem at all.

I tried to find info on transit passengers but no luck. Travelers from China rules are different depending on if you are a US citizen or not. Lots of restrictions if you want to enter from China.

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Three quick points.

1. Anecdotal evidence

2. Correlation is not causation
3. From reputable science journal Nature posted five days ago:

"The mRNA vaccine made by Pfizer in New York City and BioNTech in Mainz, Germany, is associated with a rate of five cases of severe allergic reaction per million doses, and the one made by Moderna in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is associated with a rate three cases per million doses. Those affected seem to be mainly women and people with a history of allergies."

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