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redjon777 (471 posts) • +2[...]

Anyone had this done yet?

I haven't, I only just noticed this article today but it obviously means China are stepping up the info they want from us foreigners! But as I always say, if you've got nothing to hide, then you've got nothing to worry about ;o)

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Similar attitudes everywhere. By the time you are an adult you should have something to hide. Unsurprisingly, the Authorities everywhere have a different point of view - comes with the territory. Mostly this is all done with electronic surveillance, but Progress has been making this sort of thing possible for quite a long time, for better and/or worse - but hey! it's all among friends...
Nothing new to worry about, really.

Peter99 (962 posts) • +2

This is a global thing, Malaysia had this stuff for years by now. Many other countries got it too. Its more a surprise it took China so long.

Peter99 (962 posts) • -3
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Maybe this all is because europe has been collecting isis terrorists and been very concerned about their well being. Now the bad guys have picked out their western bank accounts, housing, monthly cash, and passports and are becoming a global threat too. The next sucker who bombs some shanghai building will probably have a german passport.

redjon777 (471 posts) • 0

Has anyone actually had this done in China yet though? It was setup in February apparently.

Two things:

To whoever... Why the down vote? :o)

@Alien "By the time you are an adult you should have something to hide." Why is this, am I missing some logic lol?

Peter99 (962 posts) • -2

I put you an upvote now mate, so im not on your suspect list :) only got one vote there. Alien, your turn, lets see if will be on plus. :)

Hotwater (193 posts) • +3

Not come across this yet. Been out & back twice this year with no changes at immigration...though maybe it's aimed at first time visitors?

AlexKMG (2322 posts) • 0

I wonder how this is going to fallout with technology. Many modern smartphones have fingerprint locks. Probably even low end future phones all will have fingerprint locks. Someone with a profile of your fingerprint can open those screenlocks, and then everything on your phone is available, contacts, call logs, data files, browsing history, stored payment information in apps. I'm surprised China hasn't asked for fingerprints of every incoming journalist, or maybe it has?

As for the op's question, been through Hekou crossing a ton, and the only fingerprint scanning devices there are the automated quick access gates for locals. Funny enough, I would and have easily given a government(s) my fingerprint, to use quick access automated entry gates. As you say, if you got nothing to hide...

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