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Liumingke1234 (2757 posts) • +2

It is not whether you have something to hide. It is about who has access to that information, friend or foe. Not that your government is your friend.

tigertiger (4519 posts) • 0

Looking at the Express newspaper article, it is a trial in one airport only at the moment. Which is why probably no one here has experienced it yet.

In theory great, like the use of biometric passport, fast automated entry control for EU passport holders in UK. Great, fast, easy...until the machines broke down and it seemed that they were never repaired.

Alien (3819 posts) • +1

I get the point, but the logic there leads to: Let the state keep track of everybody all the time as much as possible. Where does it stop?

redjon777 (475 posts) • 0

face recognition technology definitely the next step but in the meantime the USA testing out lie detector robots www.express.co.uk/[...]

think it will all be good in the end, with a smoother process at the airport in the future ;o) unless your a liar lol

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@redjon: You mean they're going to persecute liars now? Damn, pack up, we're all going to jail. Maybe this is why there are separate counters for people with diplomatic passports.

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