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Culture Dec 16 – Jan 15 Free entry

Recognition of New Artistic Voices in Kunming


International Contemporary Art Exhibition

OPENING: 4pm, Dec. 16

The multi-national and multicultural conversations among artists form a mosaic of artistic voices, a symphony of colors, both individual and collective, with a variety of backgrounds, ages and origins. Clearly and thoughtfully, each one via his/her sophisticated artistic techniques creates a small individual world on canvas which reflects his/her multimodal nature and social context. Through involvement in artistic encounters with other voices the individual voice of the artist is seen and heard better and s/he comes from the marginal positions to the mainstream.

While “Multiculturalism” as a term appeared in the early 1970s but the phenomenon has lived from centuries before.

“Stemming from the Latin word‚ ‘colere’, which means to cultivate or till the soil, the notion of culture has always had a double meaning: a specific activity resulting in explicit artefacts, and the way in which society rises above nature, where culture becomes an implicit dimension of social life as such and defines a collectivity as a ‘personality writ large’” (Joppke and Lukes, Multicultural Questions, OUP, 1999: 3).

The theme of the exhibition is “Recognition of New Artistic Voices in Kunming”.

This exhibition will show how each individual artist from the West creates his/ her own voice and is represented in a multicultural, multi-colorful art scene of the East. The main purpose of Dounan Art Museum and Pashmin Art Consortia through presenting this vast scope of artists is to bridge the cultural and artistic gap between different cultures and countries.

At this group exhibition, a special section is devoted to Julius Voegtli (1879 - 1944), one of the forerunners of Impressionism in Switzerland.

Ola Arvén, Hermann Fuchs, Andreas Görzen, Rainer Haindl, Robert Hettich, Herbert Hopfensperger, Rudolf Hürth, Marian Kretschmer, Jonas Larson, Olena Bratiychuk Linse, Niko Nikolaidis, David Parrott, Cornelia Regine Prawitt, Klaus Risse, Wilma Rösch, Tuncay Topcu, Horst Wagner, Julius Voegtli (1879 - 1944)


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Dounan Art Museum • Dounan Flower World, hall 3, fifth floor, Chenggong