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Culture Oct 27 – Jan 28 78 yuan

Art Exhibition: Claude Monet New Impressionistic


An extraordinary opportunity to be close to one of the greatest painters’ works and to appreciate art in a modern way. Based on its original content and technology, the exhibition combines some latest techniques, such as 3D mapping, intelligent interactive devices and installation art to create an immersion art exhibition experience.

The exhibition area takes about 800 sqm which is going to show more than 400 art works by Claude Monet. There are eight exhibition zones, including “The Dawn of the Impression”, “Elegant Paris”, “The Impression of Sunrise”, “The Mysterious Sky”, “Encounter Love”, “The Colour of Impression”, “The Source of Impression” and “The Secret Garden”.

Entrance: A giant locomotive stands in front of visitors as if it’ll take you through history. The interior of the exhibition hall is decorated with 19th century European train style, presenting an environment of what did Monet had lived in the seventeenth century.

Ticket Price: 78 Yuan/Person
Monday closed

Floor B1, Triumph Gate Square

Some more information here

Tickets online here (discount): 39-58 yuan

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1903 Park • East of Qianwei Xi Lu (between Dianchi Lu and Guangfu Lu)