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Public Notice: A message from the Kunming Public Security Bureau

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Editor's note: Earlier this week, we were pleasantly surprised when an officer from the Kunming Public Security Bureau called us. After a face-to-face meeting, we agreed to, from time to time, publish messages from different Spring City government offices when they pertain directly to the city's foreign population. Below is the first installment in both English and Chinese.

An Open Letter Concerning the Crackdown on Organized Crime

To all foreigners in Kunming, all entities employing foreigners, and schools recruiting foreign students:

To insure the prosperous lives of the people, and to protect the orderliness of society — according to edicts issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council — public security organs in Kunming and elsewhere are now resolutely fighting against gang crime.

In order to maintain the public order of Kunming and protect the lawful rights of foreigners and foreign related entities, we call on all foreigners and foreign-related entities in Kunming. If you find your life threatened, business activities disturbed by criminal gangs, or you find evidence of illegal loans or collecting debts by violence, activities such as the distribution of pornography, gambling, drug sales, racketeering or extortion by criminal syndicates, please report them to your local police immediately!

The hotline for the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau for reporting criminal cases is (0871) 110 or (0871) 63015198. We also have a 24-hour foreign affairs emergency line, which can be reached by calling 13888556307.

You can also send mail to the Organized Crime Investigation Unit (6th Brigade) of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau. They are located at 268 Di'an Lane, Tanxiao Road, Kunming People's Police Training School, building 10, in Kunming's Panlong District. The postal code is 650233 (昆明市盘龙区昙小路地安巷268号昆明市人民警察学校10号楼,昆明市公安局刑侦支队有组织犯罪侦查大队 (六大队), 邮编: 650233).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kunming Public Security Bureau, Exit and Entry Administration

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They have this plastered all over the city. I wonder why now? What has been happening lately to require to alert us about this? Anyone know?

Cue snarky comments.

Quid pro quo perhaps. May this informal back n' forth become an opportunity for foreigners to provide feedback to Kunming's PSB from expat community pov, with this website acting as liaison.

Smart move. The Chinese have always crowdsourced security and gokunming helps them reach another demographic. Cheap and effective.

Fantastic notification! Thank you Gokm and PSB! Hopefully, we'll never have to deal with this - but it's good to have the phone numbers just in case!

Since this website serves foreigners (and locals) not just in Kunming but wider in Yunnan province, I wonder if something to reflect that could be arranged in regards of this PSB cooperation.

At least my personal observations of matters related to organized crime is not so much in Kunming, but outside it.

Good idea. To be used responsibly.

Unfortunately, the hotlines will be flooded with unhappy customers claiming they've been ripped off, with a bit of slander thrown into the works.

Always been curious if this takes place in Yunnan. With all the weird stuff going on, But its maybe a recent phenomenon? Bribes and oiling connections have always existed, but it appears it has evolved to more maffia style.

Just suspect they have targeted overseas Asians first?

Distribution of pornography?

Cheap labor from Vietnam and Myanmar doing online stuff. Maybe.

Maybe Hangzhou girl takes 50-100 Yuan/h for employer being "sweet" online. You can probably fake a Vietnamese sweetheart doing that for a fiver. Of course they have smelled that money by now, The vietnamese ladies have probably have learned to say "大哥,大哥,,,我爱你" in Shanghai dialect too.

Overseas Chinese are probably not the target here Peter. They do mention 'gang' crime in China though. Shame on you for even thinking it could ever mean Asian people. That's racist : )

Sorry if I offended anyone. I meant, racistisilism

Well, Vicar, I meant overseas Asians. I even wrote "overseas Asians" - not overseas Chinese. You, mixed it up., People from Asian countries opening businesses in Yunnan, or involved in businesses.. Or being involved in "distribution of pornography" gambling etc.. It sounds its not really targeted on average Westerner community.

But Im not sure. Could they be targeting big businessmen too, from West?

Could this also be in relation to the construction etc, scams we have heard of so much here. Recall, all those who have bought cigs to the smokers. Then, why dont they mention it.

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