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Ive never understood why this club doesnt focus on Asia. Or China in particular.

Not that it would affect me in any way.

But it appears unappealing as it is. Almost like a misconception of what it should be.

Why dont you Kongming shine some light on that.

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@ lemon...lover

It was meant that Pollards book (actually books) on Yi and Cold mountains are great reads.

That book in the link is the one Im not familiar with. If that would matter anyway...

Those days, Kunming was infested with botanists, explorers, missionaries, even artists and people seeking knowledge or spiritual endeavours. When one reads those books, it gives some perspective.

Even a famous englishman studying zen on Western Hills. Thats quite an achievement of an englishman.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting


Well, cheers for that. This board has been infested with the stereotype english teacher sjw lefties - of the girly men type - and as u can see I dont get particularily well along with them. I apologize I took u for one. (Then theres the also our socialist “worker” who has never worked in his entire life, somehow barely managing it, just I leave my speculations out on that.)

So you must know the story of the american pilot that supposedly was the first western slave in Yi society on Cold Mountains.

Anything to share on that? Heard some people went in there to hunt that story in the 90’s.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting


Quite a few missionaries ventured deep into areas no one else dared to go into. Cold mountains. Are you familiar with cold mountains and the stories? Like going voluntarily into death. Pollard wrote about the infamous Yi there, and he was a missionary. But the book is a fantastic read. Those mountains part of Yunnan too. I havent read that book, but it for sure is rare. Never even come across it.

That being said, I dont expect the current Kunming english teacher laowai community to know anything on this. I expect you to know which shelf to find dr pepper in walmart. How to say "no ice, thanks" in chinese. And how to paint a car and write "car" under it, to five year old kids. Even talking to you feels coming near to a disease. Id take any missionary over youz.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting

Hey cloudtrapezer.

I was wondering who the f you are and checked u writing history here, and saw you havent managed 10 messages in a row, over your seven years, without writing the word ”racist”.

Since u call me crazy i call u a baizuo loser. Go get some jianshui soy. While reading your Guardian. Loser.


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If u look on a certain historical semantic on asian societies, from tantric buddhism to hinduism, and see where kings and queens been buried that may work as a tool for finding the location for the dali and nanzhao kings. Look at the symbolism of rivers and mountains (shibaoshan in yunnan). Which river would be most holy? Where is the confluence? Where is Mt Meru....

Btw. I do understand that my comment can be "sensitive" now, probably even angering our laowais who seem to have adopted very well! Heh.

Got curious about this now again, being on this nostalgia visit in your community. It was in 2014 and SCMP wrote this:

"Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce giant founded by Ma, is asking the public to participate in mapping water quality across the country to raise environmental awareness. With palm-sized testing kits sold through the company for about 65 yuan (HK$82), volunteers can measure pollutants in freshwater sources and upload the data to a digital map via smartphones. The programme, still in its initial stage, may prove to be a test of the government's resolve in cleaning up the environment."


So what happened with this program? Why is Jack Ma not talking about it anymore? I wonder if he was a revolutionary of some kind. But like Orwell said on Asia: theres always a plot behind a plot.



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.