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Forums > Living in Kunming > Tensions in the horizon?

Ishmael will soon be standing on 人民广场 and sing The Internationale from the depth of his throat, waving a note ”Im on your side” with some red stamp included. Singing it in both Korean and Chinese with a pulse rate over 150 bpm.

Expect me be back when things get more tense. Bye for now.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Things still cool in Yunnan?

Yea, maybe so, maybe better delete thread, it was maybe not so nice afterall. If u have a good vibe its cool. Me just saw those youtube videos and some memories came up again.

Sometimes u need to shout out something. But, but.

So I will leave it here.

Keep up the vibe.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Things still cool in Yunnan?

Even the minusing here is fake, bcs u dont get five minuses in 1 minute. Me reloaded page and there were five withn a few seconds. It was either done by moderator or by .....

Anyway, anyway.....

So good luck guys, you might need it one day. Will not come and argue here anymore, just a peep in this time. Great u still enjoy it.


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Well Vicar, you need to understand hindu and buddhist geography/cosmology to dig into this maze. But its just like the fake news today, you need to go beyond the veil to actually find something.

Yunnan had strong hindu-buddhist geography/cosmology before Ming, even called itself Gandhara/Gandalarit just like whole South East Asia has Sanskrit etymology when you wipe away the surface. And you can find this similar structure of an axis mundi symbolized with Mount Meru (Shibaoshan in Yunnan) and other places such as sarced rivers like Mekong (which etymology comes from Ganges) and such. Later - and especially during Dali Kingdom - buddhism came in here, and then we get places like Jizushan, which in fact also is copied from India (Kukkuṭapāda). So you need to dig into this cosmology and find clues. Places like Yogyakarta in Indonesia have similar tantric geography and can give clues.

So the Yuan started to throw sand on this already after they conquered Yunnan - thats when the moslems came in - and even the name "Yunnan" may refer to Ionian (Yunan) and thats the mongol connection. This same time burmese started call Gandalarit (which they used to call Yunnan) as "Turek". Thats part of the Yunan-Ionian connection. So from here on this start to get buried.

But we know legends about Buddhas tooth, that it may in fact have ended up in Pyu (todys Burma). And Nanzhao (todays Dali) raided Pyu and according to many burmese legends (even festivals) they stole the tooth. Thats not only in the Glass Palace Cronicles, there are even festivals and Nat stories today left when Anawratha went to Yunnan to get back the tooth.

We must remember faking things is not a recent phenomenon, and if there was a Buddha tooth put in the 3 pagodas, it was probably fake. When they found a hidden chamber in one of the 3 pagodas few decades ago there was a canine tooth which made them puzzled. Some Dali monks say the tooth has hide itself and will show up later. Maybe thats the case, who knows.

Been going on for over a decade to feed the english in Yunnan fake gin from burma (whisky too), the traditions are there since it was english colony, The scottish lumberjacks brought it there (as they did with golf), but since military took over destillery it all became like lamp oil. But you see english slurping this stuff in Kunming as if a cuban was smoking a fake cigar from sichuan and believing it was real.

After several years in yunnan and then finally ordering a gin&tonic in malaysia (east&oriental).....no words. The aromas were sparkling on the lips, the tonic was bitter yet smooth and the gin was real gin, in short, it tasted like a real f-kin gin&tonic. Which it was.

Not the burmese fake gin that has taken over the whole gin market in yunnan. And thats years ago already.

Cant believe the english put up with that crap. You see english in Kunming sipping their "gin & tonic" trying to look serious as english usually do, sipping that fake crap.

Is there by any chance a Wechat ban in China during work? If so, then it should be enforced, and to the maximum, "brushing wechat" must cause numerous accidents.

Me, I recently flew one domestic airline - lets drop mentioning it but you may guess which one - and the aircrew staff was sitting in the back area of the plane during takeoff (and turbulence), with their mobiles 刷微信, as it is said ("brush wechat"), so that they forgot the f-kin food in the owen and smoke and burn came out. That was scary enough, but even more scary the thought if the homogenous hordes on the plane woukd have started to panic and run allover. You see the cops and guards sitting with their mobiles "brushing Wechat" on duty, you see staff everywhere doing it, you have cabdrivers doing it while driving, I mean, after witnessing all this stuff - and its endless - it felt very uncomfortable to take the 400km/h high speed train from Shanghai, there was constantly the thought the driver in charge of the train may be "brushing wechat" and forget to pull the breaks in time!



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.