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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Thai visa for foreigners in Kunming

No its not them.

Its a question that makes total sense. You guys get it wrong in the wrong thread. Not picking a fight, just saying that the question has some legitimacy.

I would check first in Jinghong. They got transport to Thailand from there. Then a company from Kunming to Jinghong. Then meddle those two. But thats just a spontane thought, maybe Kunming got a lorry services straight to Thailand.

Anther option is going to a van service and ask a quote. Theres a friendship bridge now at Lao Thai border and chinese trucks crossing every five minutes.

How much stuff u got?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hijacking the forums

Well, what i wrote has been deleted. Its ok. I let it be for now

You managed to put three question marks in that short message Alien, what do u think may be the reason?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hijacking the forums

Yea, but the author of the thread agreed it could be the off topic thread,. Thats why i poured in some more gasoline here.

Anyway i will accept the outcome, i have respect for the policy here. And I know im crossing lines, but hard to hold it.


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So what Im trying to say is, since Yunnan in history used a buddhist geography, and borrowed from India to the extent that the Dali ruler called himself a Maharajah, and Jizushan was named after an Indian mountain etc., that if Mekongs function was a 'Ganges' (which its etymology derives from in s..e.a) in Yunnan, then it has been sacred, and the mystery of where the kings of Yunnan where buried can get a new perspective. Anyway this is very esoteruc stuff, and not in the periphery if a dam man, but hey, nobody thought about it. The disappearing sacred river of Yunnan, sounds like a title.

(Sorry for being so dominant here, but this is something Im trying to crack) anyway, Im curious if the author here is going to do some further reserch on Mekong, and as he already is a scholar on it, if author have the chance, or stumble across it anywhere, can you please let me know to what degree possibly Mekong been considered holy in Yunnan in earlier times, and to what degree this could also be related to ethkic groups in Yunnan. All those rivers going from Yunnan to South East Asia (with exception of Red River) have a name with Indian origin, Salween, Irrawaddy, Mekong etc - all have their etymology in a buddhist geography. To what degree has this possibly influenced Yunnan, except from Dai people. Did the Dali Kingdom call Mekong as Mekong, this could be a big deal.

I didnt say that, I was speculating if a nostalgia for Mekong is orientalism influenced - which it probably is, and theres nothing wrong with that, just its very far from a marxist materialist reality. Thats why it hits so hard when it knocks u, yea, on me too. Now I dont like to take these academic words for granted, but the word orientalism has such a nice touch to it, that Im approaching the whole term 'orientalism' as an orientalist, and when In hear it, I can smell the spices of an old bazar in Kabul,

And btw, the Mekong as we knew/know is over. Author say last days, but its pretty much over now. Mythical Mekong still on the tourist brochures, but its over, even the last dolphins, ethnic groups and alligators are pretty much all nostalgia by now. If. tiger slurps its water, its staged by some media. The biological diversity is over too. Personally, its a matter of just swallowing that fact. Yes, it was a great read to read the French Mekong expedition, and then exploring those same waterfalls, but its over. I wonder if it is a certain part of our orientalism that makes it so tragic that Mekong is over, it has played a central character in orientalism. But its damn sad that Mekong is over.



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.