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Why explain to the parents what you had done if you know you didn’t provoke it? Stand your ground,even educate the parents/school, otherwise you’ll lose all respect and it’ll be more likely to reoccur.


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Taxis running around the city empty looking for trade. Bikes laying broken and stolen in every alleyway and river. It's a total Fxxk up. Who is actually in control? I thought Kunming was supposed to be improving in efficiency and within the environment. What a mess!

The reason why 220,000 investors kept in the dark and why no verdict is because those at the top either involved or fooled by the fraud want their ROI as first priority. After all, this was the only government sanctioned stock exchange. If Fanya can't return investments with at least 13% returns then line up and shoot all those responsible....publicly along with a live broadcast on CCTV 1.



Best environment by far in Kunming for foreigners to meet up. Good food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly, excellent service!