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Since a group associated to the American democrats have been indirectly campaigning for their party on gokunming under the guise of advice on how or where to vote in China for your party of choice in the US, it has been suggested that anyone from America or entitled to American citizenship living in China should simply go online and search for instructions on the procedure. Invitation under false intention is not only patronizing for an American to be told or persuaded on how to vote by any particular political party attempting to infiltrate China, but also an interference with Chinese law.

Fraud, lies, and deception are ILLEGAL in China. No one should attend a political meeting, advisory session or gathering regarding politics under ANY circumstance unless officially invited by a member of a Party (National or International) in China. All the information you need is online.

Furthermore, in Kunming there are already American established businesses, restaurants and bars where Americans and friends often gather to meet and discuss these and other issues in an informal manner if you require.

The same applies for unofficial religious gatherings or recruitment.

Peace not division x

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You need a 'Tourist Visa' Schools are not travel agencies. If they did sort you out a visa, they would be held responsible if anything happened to you or you did something wrong. Do the math. Bribery or special relationship is the only thing that would work in this case and I reckon that by not fulfilling your contract, you can kiss that relationship goodbye.


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Taxis running around the city empty looking for trade. Bikes laying broken and stolen in every alleyway and river. It's a total Fxxk up. Who is actually in control? I thought Kunming was supposed to be improving in efficiency and within the environment. What a mess!

The reason why 220,000 investors kept in the dark and why no verdict is because those at the top either involved or fooled by the fraud want their ROI as first priority. After all, this was the only government sanctioned stock exchange. If Fanya can't return investments with at least 13% returns then line up and shoot all those responsible....publicly along with a live broadcast on CCTV 1.



Best environment by far in Kunming for foreigners to meet up. Good food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly, excellent service!