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If people are even downvoting my suggestions asked for by gokunming (who haven't even had the decency to contribute or reply, this is my last post. Pathetic state of affairs and waste in general. My guess is that gokunming has come under the thumb and scrutiny as of late. If anything, I'll save some time. Bye!

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

The up/down votes are out of control and it's obvious at least 1 person has multiple accounts and fixated on downvoting no matter what the post is. It's getting tiresome having to click on ALL of the posts in a thread to read them. I usually leave the thread immediately now if the whole page is downvoted. That system is not fit for purpose on gokunming due to the small number of post contributors. I for one post a lot less these days because I don't read / browse as much as I used too because of the hidden content. The contributing experience should be being made easier with the develpoment of social media tech, rather than more enregy required to grasp the gist of an ongoing topic. On top of this, I've been getting all of my notifications about KM events (including photos) and stuff sent directly to my wechat (groups) the past 2 years. Maybe something gokunming should be looking into, though their first mover advantage/opportunity has long gone. A bit of a waste considering the social media clout they once held in the area.


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It's one of them zero % sugar, 50% aspartame things isn't it. About as organic as the dems are democratic. Just have more common sense than having to rely on Chinese packaging information.

This ongoing tradition honors a patriotic poet who killed himself by jumping into a river when Qin seized Chu. Zongzi was placed into the river to feed the water dwellers.



Best environment by far in Kunming for foreigners to meet up. Good food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly, excellent service!