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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Cycle route out of Kunming

I found cycling to the Turtle is OK and didn't have too many issues arriving. Cycling back proved difficult and took me 2 whole days! Fortunately, I managed to find places along the way to rest and gain support for the whole ordeal. I will never attempt to cycle outside of KM after this experience! Great scenery all around though

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 bed room flat

In chengong rent accommodation ranges between -500 and 50,000+ per month. Your friends sound like they are paying for really cheap accommodation but moaning about it. A 'non-western' washroom. LOL...Tell them to bring their own toilets on CheapJet next time. Good luck with that

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting

After reading all this garbage based around knocking down the OP,

I've realized that Peter has knowledge and something to offer in terms of local history here whilst those attacking him just sound like your typical, arrogant, opinionated, common, red or blue, western voter that left their country because it's rubbish now.


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Best environment by far in Kunming for foreigners to meet up. Good food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly, excellent service!