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Don't even bother because there is no one in office here brave enough to take on your application. It's closed for the next 2 months....potentially +4 more years if Trump wins in Novemember. Spent too much time and cash cash helping the dems, getting involved in foreign politcs. 'Twas mark Twain who said never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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I just remember the boss was always having trouble with both locals and foreigners. Bad atmosphere. Like walking into a an old western tavern, the music stops and you get eyeballed. Witnessed a few fights there...really pathetic ones.


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Yang is out. No surprise there. So now it's between Gloomberg, touchy Biden and old Bernie. The dems will lose 2020 because they have no clear plan apart from ...RESIST! Come on republicans...get your votes in! Vist their website for more information on how to vote out the desperate dems for another few years until they get muppet Clooney on the scene. 2024 will basically be Hollywood vs Common sense.