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There are live music gigs and musicians at the Turtle and at Humdinger every night of the week, both places considerably larger than a breadbox, easy to find.
Perhaps you're not aware that this was the original home of the infamous Smegariot, as well as the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project?
Max, Miealex: It's Xiangke (pinyin).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Music/ Musicians in Kunming

Visit weekly open mic nights and jams at various locations - see gokunming calendar. Tonight, for instance: Mgong Loi Mux Bar ('the railroad bar', formerly called Lehuo) on Dianmiandadao near where RR tracks cross it. 10 pm. Bring yr axe.


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Sounds like a great event, although I think it might have done without any 'fever-pitched patriotic rhapsody" at a Chinese runner's besting of a Japanese runner - the two athletes seem, commendably, to have had more admirably sportsman-like attitudes. Smoke machines, technomusic, lasers, Taoist monks and WWII-era fighter pilots might also be eliminated.
Or does anybody think that sports should be celebrated in the manner of a KISS (band) video?