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The word 'education' is a tricky one anywhere. Someone mentioned 'losing the child' due to Chinese education - think I know what you mean, but I'm pretty sure that's very unlikely, and I don't know of any incidences of it. Anyway, might it not happen to one member of an international couple whose child was brought up entirely within the other parent's national education system?

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ODJ18: You got the right idea, come and hang out and see for yourselves. Some people's major problems are other people's minor problems, and vice versa.
Alternatives to Dali in Yunnan might include Jinghong, although for my money it's becoming overdevelopped for tourism and is a bit dull now.


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Actually, renting out cars rather than selling them might limit their unnecessary use, although instituting such a system would probably require a massive change in the global economy.

Note Jim's website and his numerous books and articles, available at Mandarin Books and/or through the website. In addition to what we see on gokunming there is at least one novel and a long poem on the Long March and God knows what else - he periodically surprises me with stuff I hadn't known existed. Also about a million photos.

No personal criticism intended, but the phrase 'car obsession' is accurate and global, with obvious effects everywhere.
Yunnanyi: any traces of the old WWII airstrip?

Will get to Sunset, on paper, soon; have read Colin's other 2 books and both are excellent.

Above: Good interview of good dude, fine writer, good employer; decent working conditions, dedicated staff and management, good food, social conscience. Very glad to know him over the years - have no idea of his boxing, but I believe in his climbing. And then there's the good food and Sal's as a social institutional.