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Forums > Living in Kunming > Frugal or wasteful?

Is this all frugal or wasteful in regard to people in fragile health living in heated/unheated housing?
Anyway, I've got a good sweater and cheap long underwear.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Frugal or wasteful?

In this climate commonsense warm clothes are more than sufficient, no need for anything fancy or expensive. Not saying such clothes are not good.
Simple problems, simple solutions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Work permit: Hong kong or Chiang Mai?

Chiangmai Consulate - attitude. Some years ago I was there to get a visa after having inadverdantly overstayed a previous student visa. I was a little worried and figured I should, um, be pleasant and apologetic, so spoke to the pleasant, attractive young woman behind the glass window in Chinese, which was appreciated. Short chat over my visa, which I got - she noticed my several previous Chinese visas in my passport and asked why didn't I get a longer-term visa? I said, well, good idea, but how...? She suggested I marry a Chinese and smiled, we had a laugh... (note: it was all innocent).
NEVER would anything similar happen at the visa office in Hong Kong, not in a thousand years.


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What is a non-traditional Yunnan eatery? Why are these 'traditional'?

Always a contradiction at the heart of ethnic tourism. The synthesis can, at best, be 'authentic ethnic tourism', where the benefits (economic and otherwise) are under the control of the ethnic group itself. And of course this can be cut through by class within the ethnic group - i.e., those who benefit most will likely be those of whatever passes for the local upper class, as well as anyone from outside who gains local power (economic or otherwise). As past of a larger money economy, what happens is increasing rationalization - usually, 'capitalist' - of what formerly had been more communal and cooperative. This is what tourists pay to see, as a show (e.g., observed (for the most part) entertainment
Conundrum. But hey, it can still be good.

I'm not saying there are no benefits to what are called progress and development, I'm saying that what is called progress and development is not NECESSARILY beneficial. 'Lifting people out of poverty' is beneficial in itself, yes. I'm just not at all sure that that's all that goes on. For one thing, there's the opinion of the peafowls...