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Forums > Living in Kunming > Long term health (feeling)

@redjon: Not quite to your original point, but the friend I mentioned had 5&1/2-hour operation on his knee last Thursday at KM Med School No.2 hospital, he seems good, getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Hope that makes you feel better. Will let you know of anything further, if you wish - he's had bone-end surfaces replaced, will have rehabilitation by rehabilitation people, should take awhile.
Another friend another operation, next week I think.
Both these guys in their 60s, both here over 10 years, entirely by choice; neither has had problems with bugs or altitude or air or food (at least none worth mentioning to me) or whatever. One has had some lung condition since he was a child, but Kunming air doesn't seem to be a big problem, though people smoking right next to him pisses him off.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Update on 'Ice boy'

Personally, though, Ice Boy may do all right, thanks to the misplaced public attraction to emotive images rather than to the bother of knowledge or understanding or rational activity. Political leaders and other gimmick salesmen also do well from this syndrome - in fact, without it...?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Update on 'Ice boy'

I've been in worse homes than this in Yunnan. Note that 'going to the city' to make money means there's relative poverty at home, and for rural-urban migrant labor there's no labor union in the city.
As we all know, there's a rapidly-expanding urban middle class... private cars, metro... now why is that? And then there are rich guys...


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Peter, when you write things like this nobody at all can possibly take you seriously, and I can't believe that even you mean what you say. The only excuse I can possibly imagine for you here is that you might be attempting to make some kind of badly thought-out but well-intentioned and good-natured self-critical humor - and I don't believe that. You often have a point or two to make that we might wish to take seriously, but this bs about hash-house harriers is way beyond ridiculous. Please use your considerable intelligence to contribute something worthwhile a little more frequently, because you are simply wasting everyone''s time and trying our patience. And you're not funny.

Not a bad article and it's clearly marked as sponsored, presumably by EGO, but I hope gokunming will not put a lot of promotional/advertisement articles in their 'articles' section, where one would hope to find some outsider-produced objectivity in reviews.
Then, of course, there are the links to the Chinese press, but I think we all know where they come from.

Looks like a worthwhile effort.
On hash: there were hash runs even in Kuwait in 1981 - heat, desert, etc. I thought they were a little mad, but then sanity is highly overrated.

I think the beer happened in the various apartments where it was brewed in bathtubs - some of it made from orange peels and you wouldn't believe what else - one guy was some kind of genius at this, I'd buy his product today if it were on sale - due to Kuwaiti laws about alcohol.