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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Trips to Tibet (Lhasa - Nepal if possible)

Good news for those planning a trip to Tibet with Chinese national family member(s) or with local friend(s).

Tibet Airlines is currently doing a promotion for direct flights from Kunming to Lhasa. CNY399 one-way from Kunming to Lhasa. For the return trip, a voucher coupon (also worth CNY399) would be included in the aforementioned purchase to be deducted from original price (~CNY1,000) of return date. Total fees would come out to around CNY900ish for round trip.

This promotion ends October 3rd, which can be booked from now (Golden Week) until end of 2021. The deal can be booked through Qunar platform.

The caveat is this promotion appears to be applicable for Chinese nationals with ID card. Still a bargain if you have Chinese partners whom you'll be paying for or travelling with.

Normally, one-way direct flights to Tibet from Kunming costs over a thousand Yuan. Low-cost Lucky Air has also reduced rates to CNY700ish for one-way direct flights. Chengdu transfer not necessary. A good second option.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a friend to try something new

For those who still use cash (AlPage48?), when inserting your debit card into ATMs such as for ICBC, you may hear a prerecorded woman's voice in Chinese. They are basically warning customers not to give out passwords or other sensitive info to unknown numbers (via SMS or voice calls) pretending to represent the bank. A friendly caution of potential phishing. I'm assuming this type of organized scam is rampant across China, whose victims are not restricted to seniors and the more gullible.

In terms of relationship grooming for future favors, money borrowing, or eyeing assets for hostile takeover. These scams appear to be an insidious social problem we should all naturally be wary of. Not restricted to dating sites or personals in the classified section, but have evolved into online gaming and live streaming social platforms like Douyin with a gluttony of followers/patrons.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a friend to try something new

To my understanding, phishing is a type of scam where voice calls, text, emails, or "unofficial" WeChat account disguise themselves as reputable or familiar organizations which victims inherently trust. For example, phishing scammers pretend to be Bank of China, PSB, or a local hospital inquiring about victim's personal information, to be used for nefarious purposes.

This is not the case above. It is highly unlikely women would submit their sensitive info to a total stranger right off the bat. Especially to "Be-happy124" looking to get lucky on GoK's personals, but unbeknownst to his potential cuddling partners, is trying to steal their banking info.

That said, online dating scams are prevalent worldwide. Scammers prey on victims' trust in order to have them invest in shady dealings. Cryptocurrencies for instance in HK. Or less financially depleting, splurge at teahouses or bars they may get commissions from. So it goes without saying we should guard ourselves from scams that tap into our innate greed, lust, or fear. Those are a different beast from phishing.


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Those with kids can celebrate the festive day by bringing the whole family to New Southwest Mall for free DIY zongzi lessons.

The mall has set up tables and seats with staff ready to supervise participants on basic zongzi folding techniques. Bamboo leaves, rice, read and green beans, jujube, nuts, etc. are provided. Disposable plastic gloves also provided for cleanliness. Each person are allowed to make four zongzis, and a nifty, pyramid gift box to carry home your edible handicrafts afterwards. All complimentary.

Just add their WeChat mini program (search "昆百大新西南广场") for more details. 25 for 50CNY dining vouchers can also be purchased and used this week at their newly opened DQ and MeetFresh on the same ground floor.

Newly featured Brian Linden video interview (2 minutes long) uploaded by South China Morning Post, titled "American hotel owner hopes China's tourism recovers from impact of Covid-19":

Brian is looking good and speaks Chinese very well.

Bumping the bun.

Returned from a renowned, luxury French resort in SE Asia. For breakfast, they humbly labelled sourdough bread as "French Village Bread." No other language, just plain English despite quite a few occupants being French. Even two upper management employees were French. But majority of guests were from all over the world.


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