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Trips to Tibet (Lhasa - Nepal if possible)

saint (1 post) • 0

Trying to find the best way to get to Tibet, and in general just the best way to go about doing a trip up there. Anyone who has been or knows anything about going, and can recommend a good tour service? Any information would be helpful. Will be travelling with an older family member, so trips that incorporate long hikes I'm not that interested in, also looking for flights whenever possible instead of days of driving / sleeper trains. Thanks everyone,

jolie (7 posts) • 0

i am Jolie
a tour guide around Yunnan and sichuan -tibet area
have some infor maybe helpful you
the roots from Chengdu - tibet-Nepal
kunming -tibet-Nepal
culture and trekking and nomal trip
about recommendation

include permit to Lhasa
more detail, u can email me:

jolie (7 posts) • 0

my friend is organizing the trip to Tibet
maybe there is some infor helpful you .
they also can help you book the ticket and a good tour service.
if you need more detail, call me

marsha (7 posts) • 0

Hi, I am Marsha, I was stay In Lhasa from 2006/3/1 to 2008/2/15, I a guide for Tibet in 2 years, The frist you need a permit to go in Tibet, It is cost 200- 1000yuan RMB for one, dipend time and change you have, But untill now, it is not passible to go there, even full of May. Before to pay by any tickes please check and get enough informatons, If you want to go now, You even can not get Fly tickes !
good luck !
If you have any question you can call me 13187826923 !
You are welcome.
Have a good trip to you !

nicolegacki (3 posts) • 0

Hey everyone-

Looks like you all are pretty well travelled in Yunnan. I am helping a friend build a new site that tracks travel adventures and builds a community to share and discover new destinations in China. Shanghai and Beijing have a lot of content but Yunnan is seriously lacking. You all would be great contributors. Check it out: www.hopstix.com/yunnan and leave your expert advice!


OceanOcean (1193 posts) • -1

I was told this morning (9.8.08) that independent trips (even with visas) have now been banned again and only official tours can enter Tibet. [Extremely frustrating for me as I have a flight ticket/visa arranged and paid for]. Mr Chen's Tours (3188114) at Camellia Hotel is trying to arrange a short notice tour (leaving 13.8.08) should anyone want to look into joining it.

Ellie M (1 post) • 0


I was just wondering if anyone knows if the restrictions on going to Tibet are still in place? i.e. does one still need to book through a travel agency as opposed to organising independently? From what I have read, you need to book with a travel agency in order to get the necessary permit. I would appreciate any advice! Also, does anyone know of any reasonably priced travel agencies that I might be able to use?


Samantha (1 post) • 0

Hi E,
I'm looking to go at the end or mid of this month and early October but have found out that it's difficult for foreigners to travel - i.e. must have a foreign "tour" (to get the "ru zang han" or Tibet permit) which costs alot more than the locals pay. eg. locals can hire/drive there for 3500 RMB per person for a 21 day tour. I have made inquiries, some tours cost 25,000 (one guide) one person - cheaper if more people for a 9 day tour. I made another inquiry and they've come back with 6700RMB per person for a group of two. Let me know if you want to go - I'm looking for other foreign travellers for around a 2 week or more tour..!

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