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Trips to Tibet (Lhasa - Nepal if possible)

countrymouse (12 posts) • 0

permits to Tibet costs abslutely nothing more than 200 yuan, you can go to tibet all on you own, but you have to go through a travel agency to get it, we can help you, for the details, please go to our website at : www.12visitchina.com

l4dybug (89 posts) • 0

Good news for those planning a trip to Tibet with Chinese national family member(s) or with local friend(s).

Tibet Airlines is currently doing a promotion for direct flights from Kunming to Lhasa. CNY399 one-way from Kunming to Lhasa. For the return trip, a voucher coupon (also worth CNY399) would be included in the aforementioned purchase to be deducted from original price (~CNY1,000) of return date. Total fees would come out to around CNY900ish for round trip.

This promotion ends October 3rd, which can be booked from now (Golden Week) until end of 2021. The deal can be booked through Qunar platform.

The caveat is this promotion appears to be applicable for Chinese nationals with ID card. Still a bargain if you have Chinese partners whom you'll be paying for or travelling with.

Normally, one-way direct flights to Tibet from Kunming costs over a thousand Yuan. Low-cost Lucky Air has also reduced rates to CNY700ish for one-way direct flights. Chengdu transfer not necessary. A good second option.

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