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Forums > Living in Kunming > Entrepreneurs wanting to meet Xpat business owners in the Kunming region for information

dear sir

you post here is very interesting to me, but i wonder what kind of business you guys are going to do in China?. maybe i can help you with that. i am going to open a culture exchange studio, now working on a detailed specific business plan, a culture exchange company covers all the cultural classes or sessions, suck as Chinese musical instrument, cooking, painting, gongfu, qigong. medicine, and etc, and most of all, Chinese Language!. also provide travel and tour, since i have been work in tourism for 13 years. if you are interested in it, sure we can talk about it, my e-mail:

Forums > Living in Kunming > sex first or friends first?

as you said a lot of nice handsome guy looking for fun, it is fun, why your minds go to somewhere else?. somewhere else like friendship?, in my opinion: fun means iresponsible sex for the guys you mentioned here. you really think a serious relationship like friendship can be developed from this kind of FUN?.dear, how old are you?!.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Psychology behind Chinese street behavior

dont blame them for being selfish and frigid, a true story:my aunt is a doctor, her daughter and her classmate helped a injured old lady, the result is the two innecent 10 years old captured by policemen, the old lady told the police that the two girl hurt her!. so many stories in China are like this, that made people's heart very cold!.


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