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Forums > Living in Kunming > Archeological Findings Unearthed

As many Spring City residents know, a portion of Kunming city center pedestrian street has been closed off for several years now due to underground constructions. Well, guess what they just unearthed?

Qing Dynasty outdoor architectural artifacts. Some areas of this exciting discovery has now been barricaded. Museum curators have been summoned for careful excavations.

Perhaps GoKunming can look further into this news for verification. If true, conduct interviews and write a piece about it in English before others.

Source: Douyin app- accounts from Yunnan government and their mouthpieces.

Forums > Living in Kunming > expats paying taxes....

As of January 1, 2021, Kunming landlords are required to pay 10% taxes for their apartment rents collected from their lessee. Not sure how Kunming IRS will enforce this.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Top cities with cctv

I've also seen a different surveillance ranking for global cities, and Kunming is also up there among top Chinese cities with most cameras. Understandable given the infamous train station attack which reached global headlines (thus kicking off the xj purge). Even DJ Armin van Buuren offered his condolences in one of his weekly episode sets when the attack happened. Moreover, our Provincial capital borders SE Asia, so yeah.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

Tiger, have a good trip visiting your daughter next week. Just an update. There may be a bit of paranoia upon your arrival due to recent discovery of UK variant in Shanghai just recently. So foreigners holding a UK passport like yourself may face extra scrutiny in coming days. The mini-outbreak in Dali, Yunnan just days ago will also add to their

extra precautions. Good luck.


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Patrick wrote: "Although we had no way to verify the veracity of their claims, vendors showed us live lobsters they said came from Australia, Maine and Boston. Maine lobsters were the most expensive and cost 500 yuan per kilogram."

Alibaba's flagship Hema Supermarket just opened in Kunming. Just had a fantastic, imported Boston lobster feast (>400g) for 73 bucks, after various discount deductions. Mind you lobsters that are still kicking were tad pricier.

This price includes on the spot 'jiagong' cooking preparations (~20rmb per 500g) with at least five cooking methods to choose from. Steamed w/ garlic was divine. Chefs were not frugal with the garlic. Dinning area and utensils provided inside and outside Hema.

The ever popular crayfish (aka freshwater lobsters) are also selling like hotcakes. 1.5kg for 95rmb (with Hema app discount). There's a continuous line for these 1.5kg boxes of cooked, ready-to-eat crayfish. No line if ordered online with their Hema app, delivered to you in one hour. Same goes for everything else in the supermarket.

Overall, I was disappointed with the supermarket itself. Live seafood section, particularly their freshly cooked final products such as the Boston lobsters were impressive.


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