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Forums > Living in Kunming > Archeological Findings Unearthed

As many Spring City residents know, a portion of Kunming city center pedestrian street has been closed off for several years now due to underground constructions. Well, guess what they just unearthed?

Qing Dynasty outdoor architectural artifacts. Some areas of this exciting discovery has now been barricaded. Museum curators have been summoned for careful excavations.

Perhaps GoKunming can look further into this news for verification. If true, conduct interviews and write a piece about it in English before others.

Source: Douyin app- accounts from Yunnan government and their mouthpieces.

Forums > Living in Kunming > expats paying taxes....

As of January 1, 2021, Kunming landlords are required to pay 10% taxes for their apartment rents collected from their lessee. Not sure how Kunming IRS will enforce this.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Top cities with cctv

I've also seen a different surveillance ranking for global cities, and Kunming is also up there among top Chinese cities with most cameras. Understandable given the infamous train station attack which reached global headlines (thus kicking off the xj purge). Even DJ Armin van Buuren offered his condolences in one of his weekly episode sets when the attack happened. Moreover, our Provincial capital borders SE Asia, so yeah.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

Tiger, have a good trip visiting your daughter next week. Just an update. There may be a bit of paranoia upon your arrival due to recent discovery of UK variant in Shanghai just recently. So foreigners holding a UK passport like yourself may face extra scrutiny in coming days. The mini-outbreak in Dali, Yunnan just days ago will also add to their

extra precautions. Good luck.


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Thanks Peter. I just went back to the video to check. Again they mentioned being set in the Qing Dynasty. Perhaps you should write to SCMP on their error.

Either that or the production piece time jumps. Incorporating eras of pre-interregnum, post QIng into Han Dynasty. Not unusual a play's storytelling would fast forward in time.

Just Hot Jan, the carbon-footprint-less man.

Bon Appétit is a rising star among higher end bakeries in Kunming. Located near you at TPK shopping center, B1 level near the MRT tunnel.

Saw a new Bon Appétit bakery at today's grand opening of Spring 66 (opposite Dongfeng Square). Also B1 level..

Yang LiPing's latest choreographed production 'Under Siege' is set to perform in Macao.

This dance piece will be a reenactment of a Qing Dyansty battle fusing elements of modern ballet with traditional Peking opera. Blood spilled in the form red confetti props. Historical backstory accompanied by stage backdrop far removed from her usual ethnic minority folk theme.

Below is an interesting article (and video interview) showcasing Dali native "Peacock Princess" though VPN may be required:[...]

She never attended dance school, yet cemented her place as the most celebrated ballerina in China. She claimed to have learned from nature and the influences Yunnan's abundant ethnic groups, where she also handpicks her talent pool as a producer.

If you live in Kunming, may be worthwhile to learn about this national treasure. The hometown hero of the Bai people of Yunnan.


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