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Bloomberg published a poignant piece underscoring the dire need for China's economic engine to restore.

For us Kunmingers, the underlying difficulties for our locally or foreign owned restaurants/bars/cafes and small retail businesses due to depleting cash.

Restoring consumer confidence and spending is now of paramount importance as "Half of Chinese Retailers Risk Collapse Within Six Months... 60% unable to cover labor and rental costs, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and company reports covering 50 listed firms. Among jewelry and apparel companies, almost half don’t have the cash to last the six months unless demand rebounds sharply, the data show..."

(more here:)[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

You dare say that directly to their "puny" faces?

After all, the once destroyer of empires has in a few days brought entire EU down to their knees, after knocking out the Middle Kingdom for the count... and now they're going after the most powerful military nation in the history of warfare.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

Well, we'll see if the collective tummies of missus start expanding in the months to come.

As the hurricane storm seemingly passes over us, moving beyond hinterlands to wreck havoc on your English Premiere League (possible suspension until further notice), one can't help but notice the butterfly effect... the societal or marital typhoon generated from a wing flap elsewhere.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

Thank you colinflahive for the update. Btw, if your airline ticket was booked a while back, I believe you could apply for full refund due to force majeure stipulations. May business at Sal prosper as consumers gradually regain their confidence to dine out.

JanJal, you had a comical theory that during our nationwide quarantine, birth rates across China will increase in 9 months time in September/Oct or so.

Well, sorry to rain on your animal farm parade. As government offices opened a few weeks back, one in particular was the Ministry of Civil Affairs that handled marriages & divorces.

Apparently divorce registrations surged. I guess not all married couples locked down under one roof for over a month were as honeyed as your squealing home. lol

Forums > Living in Kunming > New look GoKunming

I judge character, less so appearance.

Under hood functionality and comfort of ride > paint job + muffler exhaust + rims + body kit + lowering + spoiler

That said, toggle for dark mode option for night time viewing may be more soothing for the eyes.

Btw lemon, this blue & white template (colors of Yunnan) may be a preliminary canvas for web designers to build on. Editing and adding more layers gradually.


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Costco officially opened in Shanghai today. First store in China.

If and when this hypermarket chain opens in Kunming, the usual complainers would instead be raving in joy, and overlooking how such "soulless" investment resources and land allocation would be better served alleviating poverty.

Sometimes it comes down to whether new projects tailor or serve one's own needs.

Thanks Peter. I just went back to the video to check. Again they mentioned being set in the Qing Dynasty. Perhaps you should write to SCMP on their error.

Either that or the production piece time jumps. Incorporating eras of pre-interregnum, post QIng into Han Dynasty. Not unusual a play's storytelling would fast forward in time.


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