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Yang Liping unveils Tibetan-inspired production

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Yunnan native and internationally-renowned dancer Yang Liping (杨丽萍) is returning to the stage with the follow-up to her successful music and dance production Dynamic Yunnan (云南映象), which enjoyed a long run at the Kunming Theater and sold out theaters across China.

Yang's new production Tibetan Riddle (藏谜) looks beyond Yunnan to neighboring Tibet for its inspiration. The show features more than 80 performers and is set to debut in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on August 24.

Yang, a member of the Bai ethnicity who studied dance in southern Yunnan's Xishuangbanna region, first rose to prominence in China in 1986 after winning a national dance contest with her interpretation of the Dai peacock dance. Yang will costar with Tibetan singer Rongzhongerjia (容中尔甲) in Tibetan Riddle, in which she will perform two dance solos.

No informatioin has been released regarding if/when Tibetan Riddle will come to Kunming or Yunnan.

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Do You know, when Yang Li Ping will come to Kunming with her show?

Yang LiPing's latest choreographed production 'Under Siege' is set to perform in Macao.

This dance piece will be a reenactment of a Qing Dyansty battle fusing elements of modern ballet with traditional Peking opera. Blood spilled in the form red confetti props. Historical backstory accompanied by stage backdrop far removed from her usual ethnic minority folk theme.

Below is an interesting article (and video interview) showcasing Dali native "Peacock Princess" though VPN may be required:


She never attended dance school, yet cemented her place as the most celebrated ballerina in China. She claimed to have learned from nature and the influences Yunnan's abundant ethnic groups, where she also handpicks her talent pool as a producer.

If you live in Kunming, may be worthwhile to learn about this national treasure. The hometown hero of the Bai people of Yunnan.

I could care less about watching a re-enactment of a battle.

dolphin, it's dance, not warfare.

So dolphin, you didn't like the films Saving Private Ryan or Gladiator?

Actually, this makes me think more of a Tarantino film ... stylized violence. Although dance isn't violence ... but I don't see the point.

Qing Dynasty battle? Not a red army battle or fight against Japan? Heh How did she get away with this, bet theres been plenty baijiu.

Or maybe someone meant to write Qing dynasty ballet instead.

So the article says ¨Under Siege is a portrayal of the Chu-Han Contention, a war that began in 206 BC and ended with the rise of the Han dynasty."

Right. Not a Qing dynasty battle, I had to check that if it was a Qing dynasty battle against Japan or against Qing, but it was Han dynasty. duh!

So she got away with it as its Han dynasty. Wonder if Tang had passed.

Thanks Peter. I just went back to the video to check. Again they mentioned being set in the Qing Dynasty. Perhaps you should write to SCMP on their error.

Either that or the production piece time jumps. Incorporating eras of pre-interregnum, post QIng into Han Dynasty. Not unusual a play's storytelling would fast forward in time.

Well, i dont believe that unless the dance is about the suffering of the proletariat during qing. Which video are you referring to, scmp writes han dynasty.

The 3 minute 17 second video is located below the published date and above the first paragraph. Perhaps iframe is blocked on your browser.

Ladybug you're mixing up the Qin

and the Qing dynasties.

Good catch cloudtrapezer. My bad for adding extra "g"...

yet not Han Dynasty Peter pointed out as the video at the 1:44 mark said,

"This was the historic conflict between the Chu and Han Kingdoms during the Qin dynasty."

Screenshot @1:44 here:


Case closed

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