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@ishmael, not sure if this answers your question or not, but here goes.

went back home. met a man from philippines. he was an aspiring politician. always talks politics, quotes trump. i'm guessing he's glued to CNN 6 hours a night. can you guess what his political ambitions are? he thinks philippines should attack china. i think he's insane and brainwashed, but i'm guessing there's a few hundred million people on the planet with that mindset.

the question is in my mind: was he influenced by cnn and trump's tweets to have that mindset? in any case, i think the media causes more harm than good. garbage in ... garbage out. shoulda stayed in china. more crazy people back home.

oh yeah. black mirror. gotta check it out. thanks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > yahoo dammit

Ishmael, is censoring yahoo links a good idea?

The answer is a lot of information out there is bad information and arguably harmful information. So censorship is often preventing bad information from getting into your skull that most of us , myself included, don’t have the ability to separate out fact from fiction in the media.

Personally, I think not consuming too much media is a good idea. Censor yourself.

Forums > Living in Kunming > yahoo dammit

Agree with peter99.
There is more freedom of press in the west, but more brainwashing as a result. If you’re still reading the daily rags, you’re stupid.


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