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Around Town: Spring Festival 2015 business schedules

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As the year of the horse yields to the year of the sheep, many cafés, restaurants, bars, grocery stores and shops around Kunming will close or alter their hours. We've contacted local businesses and compiled their holiday schedules.

Any businesses not listed below should feel free to post their schedules in the comment section below. Those listed who may further alter hours can get in touch via the contact form. The GoKunming Team would like to wish all of our users a happy and healthy year of the sheep!


Coffee Break closed February 18-25
Dune Café closed February 16-25
French Café (Hongshan Dong Lu location) closed February 16-24
French Café (Wenlin Jie location) closed February 17-24
Full Cup Café closed February 17-21
Gemen Game Café (Wenhua Xiang location) regular hours
Gemen Game Café (Wenlin Jie location) regular hours
Juan'Er Coffee closed February 18-21
Lanyard Coffee Shop regular hours
Mazagran Café closed February 17-25
MINO Art Center & Time Cafe closed February 17-27
Prague Café (Beichen location) closed February 16-23
Prague Café (Wenlin Jie location) closed February 16-23
Salinger Café closed February 17-25
Slice of Heaven reduced hours February 18-20: closing time 9:30pm. Pizza delivery service suspended until March 1.
TCG Nordica closed February 15-March 3


1910 La Gare du Sud closed February 19-26
1920 Restaurant and Bar open with reduced hours 10am-6:30pm from February 18-25
Aini Fanzhaung closed February 16-27
Brooklyn Pizzeria closed February 17-25
Cacaja Indian Restaurant closed February 18-19
Camel Restaurant closed February 16-24
Cantina closed February 17-23
Chongqing Cygnet Hotpot regular hours
Flying Tigers Restaurant regular hours
Great Australian Bite closed February 17-25
Haigeng Wenxin Restaurant closed February 19
Happy Kitchen closed February 17 - February 25
Hongdouyuan (all locations) closed February 17-23
Jiayan Restaurant regular hours
Laofangzi regular hours
Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant closed February 16-23
Mangiamo Italian Trattoria regular hours 11:30am-10pm
Moonlight Corner (Beichen location) closed February 18 in the evening; regular hours on other days, but booking recommended.
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake location) closed February 18-20
OSO Italian Restaurant closed February 18-22
Nianlun restaurant closed February 18-27
Pizza da Rocco regular hours
Salvador's Coffee House closed February 17-26
Shiping Huiguan regular hours, booking recommended
Simao Yecaiguan closed February 18-25
Tusheng Shiguan closed from February 17 for at least one week
Wicker Basket (all locations) closed February 15-26
Xiaodongtian Fandian closed February 16-26
Yingjiang Dai Restaurant closed February 15-March 1


Alei Lounge Club and Tapas Bar closed February 18-20
Camel Bar closed February 16-23
DIVA Lounge & Music closed February 17-23
DT open from 8pm daily
Halfway House closed February 16-24
Moondog open from 6pm daily
Muyu Studio closed February 18-20
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen) closed February 16-22
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Green Lake) closed February 16-22
Nashville Sound Bar closed February 16-28
Napa Valley Wine Bar closed February 17-28
The Mask closed February 17-20
Vervo Club & Bar closed February 19 and 20


Carrefour (all locations) February 13-17: open from 8am-11pm; February 18: open 7:30am-6pm; February 19: open from 10am-10pm
Paul's Shop open every day until 6pm
Metro regular hours
Sapore Italia closed February 18-24
Wal-Mart (all locations) regular hours

Vegetable, fruit and meat markets around the city do not necessarily close, although some do. Stocks dwindle significantly during the run-up to Spring Festival so shop early.

Top image: Free yourself roleplaying
Café image: Flickr
Meal image: Frompo
Booze image: Flickr
Deli image: Pusateris

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Now this is public service - thanks, you guys.

Where is that market (the photo with all the cheese)?


does anyone know where is an exchange(currency) store to open these days...i'm in north

Why is it that business run by foreigners are those that are closed! When they reopen they complain about poor business... A joke

@Nagam: would you rather they force all their Chinese staff to work through the holiday?

For foreigners here without families to go back to, the Spring Festival is a bit inconvenient; for everybody, the travel situation is annoying. However, I still really like the idea that, once a year, the population says 'Enough already! Stop everything, we're going home to be with our families, everything else can be on hold.'

Pizza da Rocco is listed as having normal hours, so I went down there a few days ago, but it's no longer where it used to be. Does anyone know if they moved? Or did they close up?

@bluegrass14: second floor of the new bird and flower market development (zhengyifang/qianwangjie)? I know that Rocco sold the place to a local wine dealer a while ago, but haven't followed it since.

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