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the maps that show where places and events are located are always missing pieces so they are unusable (at least on my mac computer and samsung android phone)

Forums > Living in Kunming > tibetan clothing and stuff store in kunming

clothes , jewelry, prayer wheels, thankas, etc.

looking for a store in KM that is a Tibetan store. Thanks for your input but not traveling to shop. Anyway, to answer my own question the Buddhist stores by the zoo have a lot of stuff


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Amazing perseverance (and stamina). Definitely appears to be a worthwhile hike in the right season with better directions. I've been on hikes that require more time spent on surviving than enjoying and definitely prefer the opposite. Inspirational photos! Was wondering where the trees come from that are fueling the massive development of Shangrila. Damn! Tibetan house design is beautiful but devastating.

sewage in the lake stories are nice and now fuxian hu is outlawing swimming (a bit over the top, perhaps, but seems to be an effort to keep one lake in China clean)



DT is back! Now known as Youxi Music Box. Remodeled beautifully. Sunday afternoon music has returned to the most comfortable outdoor venue in Kunming. Great burgers. Great atmosphere.


Last great outdoor venue. This Sunday Feb 3 there will be live music, food, drink and Sunshine. Last Sunday before Chinese New Year (and Puddles Dan's birthday). Not to be missed


New menu! In addition to best pizza (20 kinds!) you can now savor the fabulous flavors of roast beef with mashed potatoes, pulled-pork sandwiches, sliders, mac and cheese, pasta entrees, home-made ice cream milkshakes, fresh roasted coffee and so much more! Great space for parties.