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visa situation

daodejingsterdaodejingster (35 posts) • 0

what is the story with no more visa extensions for tourist visas? will 10 year visas still be valid? where can we find the official government policy? are visa runs still possible?

Xiefei (533 posts) • +1

> what is the story with no more visa extensions for tourist visas?

Some foreigners were denied 30 day extensions last week, and were told they didn't show sufficient evidence there weren't flights to their home country.

Since then, other foreigners have been granted 30 day extensions. Not sure exactly what's going on here, but they have apparently not stopped issuing the extensions altogether.

> will 10 year visas still be valid?

If you're currently outside the country with a 10 year visa, it will be valid once the borders fully reopen to tourists, but it won't get you into China right now.

> where can we find the official government policy?

Good question. There have been official announcements about no longer being able to enter China with a visa issued before March 28, and about the blanket 60 day extension granted to most people, but there has been no national policy announcement about visas since.

Note that every province and municipality has the power to grant extensions and interpret the rules, so you'll see different situations around the country.


are visa runs still possible?

No. Most of the borders are effectively closed or greatly restricted, and people on tourist and other short term visas are not being let into China. This is why people with multi-year tourist visas are suddenly needing to apply for 30 day extensions.

duke is me (61 posts) • 0

I have overstayed my visa by 11 months, plus my passport expired. I do have a residency permit, though.
PSB said, Go Home, We will phone you.. That was 3 weeks ago.

Keep calm and carry on..

michael2015 (751 posts) • +1

1. Renew your passport. If you're a US citizen - the embassy or consulate can issue an "emergency" passport - but you should contact them for details.

duke is me (61 posts) • +1

PSB has my passport, and who knows what their policy is?
It will require global coordination to resolve this stalemate, which won't happen anytime soon..
We could be here longer than we care to imagine..

AlPage48 (1324 posts) • 0

The visa office has changed some of their procedures.

It appears the 30 day "extension" visa is no longer 30 days.

The computer now assigns the expiry date based on the application date plus 28 days, so my next expiry date will be October 6th.

That date is a national holiday, so I have to go in before the visa expires, and that means September 30th.

Every time it expires on a weekend or holiday I get screwed out of extra days.

AlPage48 (1324 posts) • 0

That's a reasonable assumption.

Let's hope the vaccination development proves successful sooner rather than later.

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