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Gym with pool around xuefu lu

miealex (46 posts) • 0

I know there have been many threads about gyms over the years but they open and close so often I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for a good gym/pool around xuefu lu or near turtle and that surrounding area. Thanks in advance guys.

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • +1

There is a new gym, apparently with a small pool, on the hill from XueFuLu to JingXiuShanZjuang - opposite where HongShan BeiLu joins XueFuLu. It's the west end of XFL, but...

gabrielbom (1 post) • 0

Hi, I newly opened circuit training fitness gym F1 of xingguang 180 ( underground floor of turtle bar), called Round 10. Based on kickboxing, everyday different exercise provided and all staff r able to communicate in English. If you are interested, please find us on WeChat through searching ROUND10-Fitness . Thanks !

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