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Forums > Travel Yunnan > End of Hanoi flights

Bad news for anyone wanting to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines is replacing its Kunming flight to Hanoi with Chengdu. The last flight out of Kunming is on 25 March and the first from Chengdu on 26 June. No chinese airline covers the KMG-HAN sector. It's ironic that just as Kunming is getting a new airport we lose an international flight. But that may also be part of the reason. Did a dramatic rise in fees at the new airport compared to the current one have a part in Vietnam Airlines' decision? Anyway, I was lucky that I got back on one of the last flights!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Dali to Myanmar

I was just there over Spring festival. Round trip flight to Yangon for 3200 with CA. Advised to book early as it's still high season and everywhere was quite busy, hard to find rooms. Probably a good idea to book ahead to avoid carrying too much cash as mentioned above. Alternatively, what I did, in Yangon go to a travel agent and get everything booked and paid. Let me know if you have other questions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Vietnam consulate opening hours?

Has anyone applied for a Vietnam visa recently and knows the consulate's opening hours? In contrast with other countries' consulates, they actually have a website, but unfortunately this info is not given.


No results found.


Thanks very much for this. Always good to have some cultural input on GK. Would be great to have news of exhibitions at this museum or elsewhere in Kunming posted here too!

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Maybe time to leave Kunming - it's regressing to jungle law

Thanks, this is great, very interesting period documentary. Would be even better if all the other photos had some labels too, perhaps just stating location. Things have changed a bit and it's not obvious where in the city they were taken.

I would suggest to divide the international category into "Other Asian" and "Western" otherwise the comparison is not really fair. Then Makye Ame should go into the former, as it can't really be compared with standard chinese restaurants. Also included there should be the small Japanese place opposite Grand Park Hotel. Hump should be added to the bar category. How about a "Best Bakery" category to include French Cafe, Just Hot, Slice of Heaven, etc.



Best Sunday brunch experience in Kunming! A great selection of just the right type of food which goes down very well the morning after a heavy night. Jeroen is making dishes that not only taste great but are also very easy on the eyes. Add to that David's awesome Bloody Marys and the lovely rooftop terrace and you can't go wrong. True, things can be a bit hectic in the kitchen if it's busy, but be patient and you'll be well rewarded.


Nice quiet conversation place with plushy sofas, big windows and good selection of coffees and milk teas, if a bit pricey. Food is also good.


One of the nicest places to enjoy a meal in Kunming, both inside and out, that is, if the meal were actually enjoyable. The food is sort of haute Yunnan cuisine with strange combinations and few simple, normal dishes. Quality is OK but not really worth the price. Better just have tea, wine or a beer and eat elsewhere.


Recently returned here after a lengthy absence and was pleasantly surprised that standards have been maintained. I fully agree with the last review. And the cheapest red wine at RMB 118 is actually very good and a better deal than per glass. You can take it away if you don't finish.