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Best of Kunming 2010 reader nominations

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The new year will soon be upon us and that means it's time to start the nomination process for GoKunming's annual Best of Kunming reader survey.

Below are nominees for the best establishments in Kunming in several different food, drink and entertainment categories. Voting for the winners will start in a few weeks, but first we want to gather more nominations from you, the readers.

To nominate any of your favorite places that we have left out, please send us the names of the places plus the category for which you are nominating them via our contact form.

See last year's winners here.

Food: Best Chinese Cuisine
1910 La Gare du Sud
Nianlun (Kundu)
Makye Ame
Panlong 17
Xiangli Renjia
Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant
Yisheng Xinrenren

Food: Best International Cuisine
The Box
Lazy Bones
Moonlight Corner (Expo Gardens)
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake)
Pizza da Rocco
Slice of Heaven
Wicker Basket (Beichen)

Food: Best Fine Dining
1910 La Gare du Sud
Moonlight Corner (Expo Gardens)
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake)
Panlong 17

Food: Best New Restaurant
As You Like
Slice of Heaven

Drink: Best Coffee
Chicago Coffee
Coffee Break
Prague Café (Wenlin Jie)
Prague Café (Beichen)
Salvador's Coffee House
Vintage Café

Drink: Best Bar
1895 Movie Bar
1896 Sports Bar
Chapter One
Dune Café
Halfway House

Entertainment: Best Live Music Venue
The Hump Bar
Laowo Bar

Entertainment: Best Night Club

Note, if you see an establishment that has already been nominated for one category and you want to nominate it in another category, please feel free. But bear in mind that nominations for any one establishment will be capped at two categories, with the choice given to the owner of the establishment of which categories he or she wants to compete for.

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I would suggest to divide the international category into "Other Asian" and "Western" otherwise the comparison is not really fair. Then Makye Ame should go into the former, as it can't really be compared with standard chinese restaurants. Also included there should be the small Japanese place opposite Grand Park Hotel. Hump should be added to the bar category. How about a "Best Bakery" category to include French Cafe, Just Hot, Slice of Heaven, etc.


No Salvador's for International Cuisine?

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