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Forums > Living in Kunming > Beginning to really like Kunming

Hey crazy.laowai. Welcome to KM. Also, welcome to our little community of snarky anonymous forum posters! Your original post was just fine and not offensive in my opinion. Enjoy the weather. Thankfully some rains have come. The flowers all around town are amazing right now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teacher Hiring Time Again...Beware.

Hi all. Long time resident and teacher in KM. There have been a lot of threads over the years about teacher salaries and it seems like not much has changed. There is a huge demand for teachers this year, but the salaries are WAY too low. I'm appalled at the salaries being offered. I've been in the market recently and I can't believe what public schools are offering for compensation. Posts in the classified section boast some of the leanest offerings I've seen in a long time (for example, "180 Yuan for a 90 minute class"). Please don't sell yourself or the market short, people. I'm not union folk, but I hope some of you can dip into your savings a bit, hold out, and demand a fair wage for your skills. Choose wisely and good luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gymns in Kunming

Hey all. I just want to update a question from an older thread. Where are the best gymns in town? Are there any near city center that are ok? I tried the one in XiaoXiMen and I really didn't like it because it was so cramped and it lacked good free weights. I used to use one that was on Jin Ma Fang, but it went out of business. Any suggestions?


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Hi all, David from the Great Apes. Thanks so much for an awesome night at the Camel and the Mask. Thanks to Dengling and Alex from both spots in making it all happen. Thanks to the Ferraris from Hell for putting on an awesome show. Thanks to KM for supporting local music!

I was at the protest and the police presence was pretty damn intimidating. However, the people were undeterred, even though the actual AMOUNT of people was quite disappointing. The government's measures to reduce the level of participation worked pretty well. The energy from the small crowd, however was really great. I did not participate for several obvious reasons, yet I was photographed a bunch and those pix ended up all over the internets. I'll let the foreign community know of the repurcussions...
I agree many many of the recent posts about the midguidedness of the protests. I think its possible that the Kunming populace could keep the factory in check regarding safeguarding the environment, so its better to for it to be constructed here. If its out in some rural area, there will be a less-educated populace with no power to make sure the factory is run according to environmental regulations. Local officials in more rural areas are easier to corrupt and there's a lot less press.

I'm a KM resident, my wife and I own a business here and I love this city, but I think there are much much much more pressing issues to demonstrate against in this country than the construction of a factory nearby.



This tiny little shop hidden in the little streets adjacent to Kundu has the best MiGan (米干) if not the only MiGan in Kunming. Its basically a Dai style fetuccini-width rice noodle that is either fried or served in a soup. I highly recommend it to those who turn their noses up (like me!) at MiXian. The owners are super friendly and one plate of the delicious fried version holds me over most of the day.


Thought I'd chime in on this one after having an extensive relationship with this hospital.

Fall of 2008, I manifested symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis. I knew what it was because my dad had had it and told me all about what symptoms to look for. I knew exactly how to find the problem and told the physicians at Kunming Hospital #1 to do the tests. They did not find the problem, even though I told them how and where to look. Distraught, I went to Richland where they promptly found the problem, showed me the results, and insisted on immediate treatment. Throughout the procedure, I got the feeling that I was their first case of DVT and that they were checking medical journals every step of the way. Treatment was successful. The private room I stayed in was super clean and I was treated with courtesy, if not curiosity. The entirety of my in-hospital stay cost me 20,000 yuan. For my father, who had similar treatment in the U.S., the cost was 25,000 dollars.

In an emergency situation, there is no way I would recommend this hospital in that it seems to be run by a lethargic monolingual skeleton crew that takes weekends off. If you know what you have and you want a clean place to be treated, I think its a good spot. One final "however" this article just as a reminder that you're in Kunming, where healthcare has LONG way to go.

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