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Around Town: Business closings during Spring Festival

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As the year of the dragon yields to the year of the snake, many cafés, restaurants and bars around Kunming will close, alter their hours or operate as usual. We've contacted local businesses and compiled their holiday schedules.

Any businesses not listed below should feel free to post their schedules in the comment section below.

GoKunming wishes all of its readers a happy and healthy year of the snake!


Chicago Coffee Closed February 6-20
Coffee Break Closed February 8-20
Dune Café Closed February 9-18
French Café Closed February 9
Full Cup Café Closed February 8-12
Mazagran Café Closed February 8-19
Prague Café (Beichen) Closed February 8-15
Prague Café (Wenlin Jie) Normal hours
Raindrops Café Normal hours
Samoana Café Closed February 9-17
The Silver Spoon Café Closed February 8-15


1910 La Gare du Sud Closed February 10-19
Aini Fanzhaung Closed February 10-18
Aiyouduoshen Normal hours
As You Like Closed until at least February 20
Cacaja Indian Restaurant Closed February 9-10
Cacao Mexican Restaurant Closed February 8-12
Camel Restaurant Closed February 8-15
Chongqing Cygnet Hotpot Closed February 9-11
Flying Tigers Restaurant Normal hours
Fuzhaolou Normal hours
Haigeng Wenxin Restaurant Closed February 7-15
Jiayan Restaurant Normal hours
Laodianmian 320 Daiwei Canba Closed February 6-16
Laofangzi Normal hours
Lost Garden Restaurant Closed February 9-15
Moonlight Corner (Expo Garden) Closed February 9-13
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake) Closed 10-13
My Favor Restaurant Normal hours
Nianlun restaurant Normal hours
Panlong 17 Closed February 10-18
Pizza da Rocco Closed February 8-13
Qingzhen Zhuyuan Muslim Restaurant Closed February 9-18
Salvador's Coffee House Closed February 8-15
Shiping Huiguan Normal hours
Simao Yecaiguan Normal hours
Slice of Heaven Normal hours
Tusheng Shiguan Closed until February 15
Wicker Basket (Beichen) Closed February 3-16
Xiangli Renjia Closed February 10-14
Xiaodongtian Fandian Closed February 7-15
Yiyuan Nongjiacai Normal hours
Yingjiang Dai Restaurant Closed February 7-26


Lazy Bones Closed February 8-15


Alei Lounge Club and Tapas Bar Closed February 9-14
Bridge Closed until February 13
Chapter One Normal hours
Halfway House Closed February 7-17
Laowo Bar Normal hours
Moon Dog Normal hours
Muyu Studio Closed February 9-17
O'Reilly's Irish Pub Closed February 7-14
The Club Closed February 10-13
The Mask Closed February 10-12
Tobacco Normal hours
Wenlin Momento Normal hours

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I didn't even know Chicago Coffee still existed!
I went over as the (old?) owner was leaving town and the place was all closed up.
Now it's open again, and over the spring festival, even?

Haha, not during the spring festival, I mean...........

Chicago Coffee is behind the Walmart on 兴苑路 (张家村 bus stop).

Fantastic as usual. Thanks for the info!

Tusheng Shiguan is closed until the 15th.

Lost Garden restaurant closed from the 9th to the 15th. Thanks guys!

The article has been updated with the dates for Tusheng Shiguan and Lost Garden Restaurant.

Thank you, chris, dtedheshi.

Game Cafe on Wenlin Jie is open all through the holidays!!! Welcome everyone! Happy New Year! 格门咖啡 (文林街店)一直开业啦欢迎光临, 新年快乐

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