Across from Yueyatan Park, Tobacco is a chill three-story bar with a friendly owner with one of Kunming's largest selections of imported beers and a wide array of tobacco smoking paraphernalia

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  • NameTobacco
  • Address36 Longkang Lu, on west side of Yueyatan Park, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5812416
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Tobacco • 36 Longkang Lu, on west side of Yueyatan Park

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I've been to this place before. It's got almost as good of a beer selection as Fisherman's Bar, but is way cooler and more 舒服. The owner is a crazy/cool older guy who has done some crazy bike trips around Yunnan.


Eclectic music, eccentric boss, and good beer. I like this bar, and think with the outdoor seating it'll be a great place to go in the summer for a quiet tipple.