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Forums > Living in Kunming > Custom Leather Work

Anyone know of an upolstery place that does custom leather work; specifically, wrapping for a chair?

Looking for quality. Price is also of concern, but not of the highest priority.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Flower Delivery in Kunming

The biggest problem is payment. Online sites in China don't accept foreign cards... ideally, I would like to setup an account with a person / company in Kunming and repay on deliveries in the future while I'm out of town.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Flight to Canada - July 2012

From what I've seen, cheaper flight by about $100 / ticket.
However, I'm trying to compare luggage capacity against having elite status with Air Canada (Star Alliance).

Ticket price w/ luggage, vs. cheaper ticket plus the cost of luggage.


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It's a very nice western style coffee shoppe. I've walked by this place many times and have never gone in until this evening.

It's not a place to go for food, but they do have a couple sandwiches and some dessert. It is a great place for a work get-away. This evening, the places is quite. It's quite nice.

They're playing some great music - one of my favorite songs, "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard. And the FuYuan speak a bit of English if you're new in town and still learning like me.