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Spring Festival local Hang Outs, Open and Closed?

Long-Dragon (389 posts) • 0

Just wondering who will be open and who will be closed for the holidays for those of us not traveling. Salvador's, French Cafe, Prague, etc.

Geezer (1893 posts) • 0

Last year most places were not open. I went to Wenlin Jie and nearly every place was closed.

Tip: Stock up on beer, cigarettes, DVDs and favorite foods because this stuff will be hard to find. Note many Chinese places will close a few days early to beat the travel madness.

Xiefei (509 posts) • 0

Gokunming usually does a story on closures. I'm sure we'll see one in a few days.

French Cafe usually stays open. Most of the other Western places close, at least for a few days. The big supermarkets (Walmart, Carrefour, Metro and a few of the large Chinese ones) tend to stay open, and the wet markets go into overdrive. Smaller shops are hit or miss.

I don't think stockpiling is a big deal, unless there are certain hard-to-find items you just can't do without. The main thing is that the city gets really quiet, and you may have to do some extra wandering before you find whatever you may be looking for.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

So far the most important items to stockpile for the Holidays is - beer, cigarettes, DVDs, and whisky.

Geezer (1893 posts) • 0

@HFCAMPO: Alas, we are but simple NASTY folk doing what we like in the way we like. You can shove your unappreciated preaching where the sun don't shine.

For a guy with his panties all bunched up about being controlled, you sure have a strange interest in controlling others.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

No preaching, no control - merely an observation and a repeat of what others have posted. Did I hit a nerve Geez??? So far the most important items to stockpile for the Holidays are - beer, cigarettes, DVDs, and whiskey.

neddy (277 posts) • 0

HFCAMPO, just ignore the angry, bitter posters. They always act like that, no matter what.

Long-Dragon, does it have to be only Western places? There are some Chinese places open too. What specifically are you looking for?

AlexKMG (2353 posts) • 0

Wicker Basket north will be on two weeks holiday starting this Sunday. I assume it's the same for west and south locations.

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