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Hi Barbara, are you with Slice of Heaven?
I'd like to meet with you and discuss what we can do. I guess I didn't mention; I need catering done for a wedding reception. That would probably be fine, but I'd like to sit down and discuss it more.

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I'm looking for western catering.

I'm thinking Buffet style western food, but it doesn't necessarily need to be buffet style.

Has anyone used a particular establishment before? Can anyone give a good reference?

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AlPage48, I doubt that's the easy way... I couldn't even get my girl friend out of the country for a simple vislt to America. We went thru the whole procedure and it was declined... I figure the 'easiest' way in this case would be to do the deed in China and then apply for the rest later.

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Oh, sweet! Please get in touch with me via email: holla @ or, if you're comfortable with it, post your information on here so that other people can find it if they're also interested in your services.


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It's a very nice western style coffee shoppe. I've walked by this place many times and have never gone in until this evening.

It's not a place to go for food, but they do have a couple sandwiches and some dessert. It is a great place for a work get-away. This evening, the places is quite. It's quite nice.

They're playing some great music - one of my favorite songs, "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard. And the FuYuan speak a bit of English if you're new in town and still learning like me.