Locally renowned restaurant serving authentic Kunming dishes near the north train station

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  • NameFuzhaolou
  • Address393 Lianmeng Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5710158,5725588
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Fuzhaolou • 393 Lianmeng Lu

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I tried it based on the previous review and thought it was generally good, but I still prefer 1910 La Gare Du Sud for Yunnan cai.

Don't remember their exact names in Chinese, but the highlights were chashu? mushrooms (茶树菇) and a spicy dish of boiled fish slices served in a bamboo container.

Didn't try the qiguoji...


Right now this is my favorite Kunmingcai restaurant... the rubing seems to actually be made from goat's milk, the Buddha's hand aubergine is great, and all the other dishes I've tried are generally solid.

Not my thing, but Fuzhaolou is famous in Kunming for qiguoji/steam pot chicken soup.