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Related— where could I go to get my cheapo bike outfitted local-style? E.g. if I want to find a big wide plastic crate, bungies, one of those clip-on umbrella holders, etc?

I plan to poke around xiaoximen tomorrow, but any other leads are appreciated!

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Does anybody know what all the crazy construction around Cuihu (and in front of Yun Da south gate) is about?

I found myself trapped in the park the other day—it took me 15-20 minutes to find an exit that wasn't completely blocked off.

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FWIW the place Alex and I refer to is Dehong Dai. Xishuangbanna Dai and Dehong Dai are two ethnically-distinct groups and their food is quite different.

I'm on an eating tour of xishuangbanna right now (in Jinghong now but headed to Menglun tomorrow, if anyone has recommendations), so I'm getting a crash course in this right now.


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They need to install more sophisticated instrument landing systems— according to what I can find online, they only have ILS CAT I, and their charts demand a RVR (runway visual range) of 720m!

If they installed Cat III they could land in visibility of just 200m. Of course, this will do no good if the Chinese airlines don't have the necessary equipment installed in their fleets...

I believe that it will keep the KMG designation (as the old airport will be shut down and the two will never operate concurrently).

When performing searches in various travel systems, I continue to see the KMG code being available, e.g. on cathay's site, or using KVSTool.



Have been going here since they opened. Thoroughly enjoy the pizzas and the authentic american-pizzeria-type salads!.

The staff, while not always attentive, is at least very nice and patient with language difficulties. Their English is pretty good compared to almost anywhere else in KM. Earlier service problems referenced below have long since been dealt with.

(Restaurant management tip: make sure that whatever place your front-of-house staff has to hang out while working, it has view of the tables so they can occasionally pick their heads up and see what's going on.)

New! They have revised their menu recently, with the option to have fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce! This is excellent, as I've previously had to order this myself so they seem to have gotten the idea.

However: Since they changed the menu, I have ordered pizza 3 times, both with sauce option A (just fresh tomatoes), and I have received option B every single time. (They aren't just reversed— I've ordered B and gotten B, also). Very frustrating!

The B sauce isn't terrible, but it's not a standard Neapolitan sauce (uncooked canned crushed tomatoes, a little minced garlic or garlic powder, sugar, and salt), but more of a Sicilian sauce (cooked tomatoes, onions, oregano). On a Sicilian thick-crust pizza it'd be great, but a Neapolitan crust deserves a Neapolitan sauce. Yes, I am a spoiled NYC food snob, but when the kitchen gets it right, it's quite fantastic, and I forget that I am in KM!

(Almost. Except for the cheese. If I opened a pizzeria I'd fly in Mozzarella di Bufala nightly, and each pie would cost 250RMB. Back to reality.)

New! they now have proper takeout pizza boxes, so I can grab a few pies to go and eat in front of the TV.

However: The pizza oven only fits one pie at a time, so it takes forever, especially if there are other customers ahead of you. By the time I get home one pie is still warm but the other is quite cold since it had to sit and wait while the other one cooked.

Please, Lost Garden, get your sauce ordering system right, and build a bigger pizza oven!

And delivery! Delivery would be unspeakably awesome, even though I'd probably gain 50lbs and go bankrupt since I'd use it so often.


The address listed here is incorrect— it's on Jindingshan Lu, not Bei Lu.

If that's not enough for your taxi driver, tell him that it's on the western end of Jindingshan Lu, and to ignore the street numbers, as they are not in any logical order.