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Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming new features and functionality

Recently we've been slowly adding support for a Chinese language version of GoKunming. A few days ago we decided to add a language switch to the website that allows you to switch to Chinese.

We also automatically detect your computer's language setup (this is information sent by the browser) and switch to Chinese when that's the preferred user language.

A part of the website is not yet translated to Chinese and of course there's content such as articles and forums that will remain in their original language.

I also would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone has successfully set up WeChat login for mobile websites (when opened inside of WeChat)? If so, it would be greatly appreciated to get a bit of guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming new features and functionality

We just launched nominations for the Best of Kunming Awards 2020-2021. This year you can go straight to the listings page of your choice and click "nominate" to allow your favorite establishments to participate. Official voting will start January 8!


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A global search function is coming soon.

@debaser: The search disappearing when changing sections is related to our top-down approach of how information is ordered. Does it feel unintuitive?

We are considering different views for the article section, with an option to see larger images. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by how Kickass Torrents arranges their forums. Could you elaborate?

@redjon77: Avatars will follow later as well.

@Ocean: We feel generally the search function is delivering more relevant results now. We'll keep testing and improving it though. Forums are tougher, because sometime threads may come up in top due to posts within the thread getting 'high scores' on your particular search query.

Alien: Each section has an improved search function in the top left. A global search function is coming soon!

Blobbles: Thank you for your constructive criticism. The listings will be back new and improved in the form of a homepage box later. We're also working on exactly the kind of search function in the top you are suggesting.

Regarding the search mechanism: We're partly performing searches as you're suggesting – ie combining full text searches with matching literal phrases (especially for titles). This means that if your search phase exists in the title of any entry it will be the top result. Breaking things down as you describe is definitely something to consider, but I tried to keep a reasonable balance between performance and relevance. I'm sure there's more optimisations to be made.

Regarding your sidebar design suggestion, I believe we're on the same page. We're working on a series of improvements and it may make it to the next update. Initially I was inspired by the website regarding sidebar design, but finally we decided to remove all shadows (flat design), which makes the sidebar look a bit 'off' to some.

@Tigertiger: I'll add a link to a thread's latest forum post in the thread lists. Most forums show the oldest post first so that the link/url to that post will always stay the same.

The classified ads in the overview are 'cropped' to make it easier to scan through ads. It ensures that if there's a particularly long classified in the list that doesn't interest you, you don't have to scroll through the entire text to get to the next post. It gives each ad an equal chance of being seen, disregarding the size of the post.

Ocean: I hope 'navigating around' is mostly related to getting used to the new look and feel. Time will tell. We'll keep working on improving the site.

About the search function: It currently sorts by relevance, which means entries that fit your search query the best will be in top. We'll add different sort options as well later. The problem with sorting results by date is that they are not necessarily relevant (the search term could for instance be mentioned only once in whatever content you're searching) and only show in top because they are recent.

We're trying to find a open API for pollution levels, but the websites we know of don't offer the information unless you include heavily styled (and not necessarily well integrating) widgets.



Xizhou is one of Dali's gems, only about 18 kilometers north along the lake from Dali Old Town. The old town still feels authentic and is like a living gallery, showcasing the impressive artistry and culture of the Bai people.

It makes for a great stop on the way up to Shaxi Old Town too, which is perhaps my favourite place in Dali prefecture.


I've been to the Stone Forest many times and although when entering the park it may feel a bit like a tourist trap, there's areas in the back that, even during high season, are usually extremely quiet and can be explored without being surrounded by the crowds.

The landscape is unique and different from many nearly areas that also feature karst rock formations. Definitely worth a visit for those who haven't been yet.


Five stars for focussing on healthy foods. Homemade live sauerkraut, lots of dishes with quinoa, chia seeds, avocado, and tons of other superfoods mixed to create a tasty and healthy cuisine. I hope this is only the beginning of a new wave of alternative food options in the city.


One of the better options in Lijiang for a western meal. Had a set menu through meituan for only 99 yuan that included a very decent steak and onion soup. The environment is spacious and nicely designed with the restaurant being conveniently located in between the InterContinental and LUX hotel inside of the old town. We were not drinking, but they looked like having an impressive wine collection. 5 stars if they improve on speed and service level.


Sofitel is easily one of Kunming's top hotels now, featuring one of the best locations, in between the city center and the popular Dianchi Lake area.

The views from any of its rooms, as well as the buffet restaurant are quite stunning, offering previously unseen panoramas over the whole of Kunming.

There's a bar on the 50th floor, although currently it still has some work to do to be able to compare itself with similar 'skybars' in Shanghai or Beijing.