This limestone forest was formed over millions and millions of years ago, it is composed of many stone peaks, pillars and stalagmites rising from ground and spreading as far as your eyes can see. Ticket: 175yuan.

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  • NameYunnan Stone Forest GeoPark
  • AddressShilin Town, Shilin County, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 18128841
  • Hours8:30am-6pm
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Yunnan Stone Forest GeoPark • Shilin Town, Shilin County

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I've been to the Stone Forest many times and although when entering the park it may feel a bit like a tourist trap, there's areas in the back that, even during high season, are usually extremely quiet and can be explored without being surrounded by the crowds.

The landscape is unique and different from many nearly areas that also feature karst rock formations. Definitely worth a visit for those who haven't been yet.