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DiDi Pick Up at Kunming Central Train Station

pen24 (17 posts) • 0

Can anyone tell me where you can catch a DiDi on arrival at the train station. Last time I walked at least 3 blocks in two directions and couldn't find a place they could stop and pick me up. I ended up circling back and waiting on the cab line instead.

michael2015 (773 posts) • 0

I usually go to the departures zone (upper deck). After arranging a didi pickup, I just call the driver and tell him/her to pick me up at gate xx (usually at the far end of the terminal.

If you're traveling light and it's not too late, take the subway, then grab a local taxi or call didi from the subway station exit.

Or take on of the many airport buses - just tell the cashier the closest hotel to your destination and they'll direct you to the correct bus number.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

We have take the subway in the rough direction of home, then take a didi from there. We live nowhere near a subway, but moving in the direction saves a bit of time and money. The wonderful attitude of taxi drivers is why I do not cry for them losing money to didi.

YerethYereth (107 posts) • 0

There's actually a good pickup spot at the first t-split to the right coming out of the main exit when leaving the train station, which is north-east of that exit. I always use that location and didi cars can get there just fine.

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