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Good site for downloading Chinese subtitles?

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

I've been looking for a site to download Chinese subtitles (.srt files) for movies I already have but have yet to find a good one. Sites like subtitles.org don't seem to have Chinese subtitles and most of the Chinese sites I've tried seem to suck and either don't have the subtitles I'm looking for or I end up in endless pop-up ad hell.

Anybody know of a good resource? I can always find the English subtitles I'm looking for in 2 minutes.


Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

i tried once, but couldn't find. you may need to ask a chinese friend to direct you to a chinese site.

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

That's it!!!!! shooter.cn!!!! Thanks a million onlyurei!! I've been looking for years and have asked many Chinese friends but this is the first one that really actually works. Thanks so much!

onlyurei (33 posts) • 0

No problem. I used to use this site a lot when I was in college and downloading movies from BT or eMule (www.verycd.com) was almost a daily thing. This site uses the power of "cloud sourcing" - most if not all subtitles are contributed by its members. Some college students in China majoring in languages use foreign movie/tv subtitle translation/creation as a fun way to practice their field of study, and they form large "字幕组(subtitle group)" which produce decent quality subtitles and share on forums or sites like shooter.cn. Other contributors are foreign movie/tv enthusiasts who either live in those foreign countries or are very good at those languages, they just provide the service as a hobby and for promoting the movies/tv they love.

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

Well, dang. Shooter.cn seems to have disappeared. For some reason the creator of the site has shut it down and says basically, 'I had a good run and if I made anyone happy or my site was useful to someone then I am satisfied.' then 'Zai jian'.

No more shooter.cn! Now what? Does anybody know of other similar resources out there? Does anyone know where all of the content from shooter.cn may have ended up and can still be found?

Where can good Chinese subtitle files (.srt) be found for international movies?

Thanks. k

onlyurei (33 posts) • 0

A blogger wrote a detailed article on how to retrieve the subtitles from shooter.cn without using their web interface, seems the backend services are still available even though not sure how long they are gonna last. The article also mentioned a few alternatives to shooter.cn.


Baidu-translated version:

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